Saturday, 27 September 2008

Maxim Oct '08 cover girl: Lee Chae-young (이채영)

Thigh power: 'Yeah, I do 1,000 squats like
this every day.'

She appeared in Rain's I Do MV back in 2004 and is set to grace the cover of Maxim in October 2008.

Meet Lee Chae-young, an actress who will soon be seen in the KBS historical drama Empress Chun Chu.

What's your poison?: Wouldn't you like to walk into a bar
with a bartender lookin' like that?

The 22-year-old shows off her svelte figure in many tantalizing poses in the upcoming men's magazine.

The young lass stands 170cm tall and weighs 49kg.

If you'd like to check out her acting, pick up movies like Life is Cool (2008) or The Truck (2007).

Red shoes: 'Like my killer heels?'

Relax: Lee Chae-young takes a breather

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fraulein said...

Wow, is it the same girl as the one in the I Do video? Make up and styling make all the difference?

I would never have been able to tell it was the same person.

fraulein said...

I'm glad no one does the " first" comment thing here ! ; )

tania said...

She look so exposed in the first pic.

noV said...

she's hot...

k9vc said...

That's the girl from "I Do"??? Wow. She resembles Chae-youn.



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