Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Kang Ji Hwan shows his star style

Kang Ji Hwan on InStyle.
Photographed by Jewon Kim

Kang Ji Hwan (Hong Gil Dong and Capital Scandal) shows his style in Korea's InStyle magazine.

In a recent interview on Entertainment Weekly, Kang Ji Hwan (31) expressed his wish to be married by 35. And what is this charismatic star's type of woman? Well, all he requests is that she has pretty hands and feet. Okay, so now we know he is an appendage lovin' guy. ;-) So girls, if you want to catch this hottie's attention, try not to miss your manicure and pedicure appointments.

What did Ji Hwan do when he received his first substantial pay check when he was 29? He gave the entire amount to his parents.

KJH: "I want to be a superstar..."

Hey...i'm not ready yet!


fraulein said...

I saw the EW interview in KBS. Such a cute dork! His are the sort of looks that grow on u after a while - I thought he looked passable in Hong Gil-dong but after just finishing Scandal in Old Seoul (in fact just yesterday), I think he looks quite cute. And his acting range is worth checking out.

Maybe period garb doesn't suit him. Whatever it is, he looks like KSW from some angles, esp the age lines and crow's feet around his eyes.

Hope to see more of him soon. Thankfully he's over 30 so no more enlistment for him, hahaha.

fizzy said...

like freulin, i also saw the interview in yunyega(EW).. what a hawttttttt guy!!! he has a sweet face that you won't get bored watching. btw, i think his second shirt in the photo shoot is an eyesore. LOL

fizzy said...

sorry..i meant the last shirt..

Anonymous said...

OMG! He is so freakin' HOT!!!!

cheri said...

I started to love him in Exhibition of Fireworks.Then,I watched him in Capital Scandal and I loved him more.


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