Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Kim Ah-joong's coming back to the big screen

There's nothing really new on the actress apart from the hype about her comeback in the manhwa-adapted flick 29 Years.

The movie is set for release early 2009 and it marks the actress' comeback to the bigscreen after 2 years.

Kim Ah-joong shot to stardom after appearing in the rom-com 200 Pounds Beauty, which was also adapted from the manhwa (comics) of the same name. Recently, Orchid and I re-watched the flick and I must say, it is still entertaining the second time around.

Haven't seen it yet? It's time to get the DVD. Read our review first, if you like.

Star: Kim Ah-joong portrayed Hana/Jenny - a heavyweight contender
in the entertainment industry after shedding pounds through
plastic surgery in 200 Pounds Beauty.

The actress portrays doe-eyed innocence convincingly. The film defly addresses the issue of plastic surgery in Korea - the prejudices against it as well as the societal pressures that cause so many starlets to go under the knife in search of perfection.

There's one part in the flick where the heavily-operated on - and now supposedly "perfect" - protagonist is requested to get "some work done" by someone who is clueless about her past. Hmph, perfection (much like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder, huh?

Now that I'm acquainted with the "standards of beauty" in the Korean society, the film has more depth to it.

Movie aside, it has been widely speculated (and perhaps true) that Kim Ah-joong is no stranger to a little nip and tuck of her own.

Perfection in beauty? Check out the pics below and tell us what you think?

Pic credits: Hankooki

Kim Ah-joong gets 29 Years
Kim Ah-joong a natural beauty?
Make me a Korean star!


Brian said...

She looks fake to me.

Dottie said...

Again, I DO NOT have a problem with plastic surgery but I DO have a problem when people LIE about it.

There's NOTHING wrong with improving oneself and who is anyone to judge the extend to which another is willing to do so?

Kim Ah-joong has changed MUCH of herself and that is the truth but as long as she's happy, that's that too.

peepoo said...

i'm really not hating on this chic but there's just something about her that annoys me. i think it's b/c everyone praises about her beauty yet it was all achieved through plastic surgery and she STILL isn't that pretty to me. i'm not against plastic surgery at all, especially since i work in the industry but this girl is so famous for her looks yet i just don't think she's that pretty.

Liz said...

Hello peepo, are you a plastic surgeon or something?

vivaironlady said...

plastic surgery is okay, but seriously, she looks scary. her face just does not look right.

Anonymous said...

you're in denial if you can't honestly say she's beautiful...


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