Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Kwon Sang Woo in "The Nude"

Whoa, i did a double take when i read that title in one of the Korean news website. What? The man who's getting married on the 28th of September has nude photos? Okay, before you all get too excited, that's not it. Maybe half nude will be more accurate.

Well, a photo collection of Kwon Sang Woo called "The Nude" will be going on sale in Japan, this October. The photos were shot in May and it captures Kwon Sang Woo's upper half of his body - yes, in the nude. The photos reveal Kwon's famous six packs.

Kwon Sang Woo also met up with his Korean fans on the 20th and 21st Sept. This will be the last fan meeting before his wedding. During the fan meeting, they played games and Kwon even sang a song for his precious fans. As a special gift, he personally dropped by each fan's room to wish them good-night (it was a 2-day, 1-night fan meet). The lucky fans got to spend 48-hours with Kwon!

I guess the actor wants to show his appreciation for his fans' support and even after he has found the love of his life, wants to let the fans know that they are still important to him.

Source: Newsen

Kwon Sang Woo and Sohn Tae Young in 'A Moment Like This'


kimchikimi said...

omg,he dropped by their rooms,they are so lucky!I know they had sweet dreams,lol.

Anonymous said...

Only in Korea fans can get so close to their idols! I want to go there too....

fraulein is " cloyed" out said...

They've been working the publicity machine to the max in the last ten days.

First the photos were released in batches, then he goes off to some japan fan meet, she lauches a cosmetics line and now a "Nude" coffee table book?

A stunt a day, huh?


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