Monday, 8 September 2008

Kwon Sang Woo returns from London, postpones honeymoon

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usKwon returning from London after a
photo shoot there with Sohn Tae Young

Kwon Sang Woo (32) and his fiancé Sohn Tae Young (28) returned from London after only a week abroad. Word has it that they decided not to extend their trip to fit in a honeymoon.

Kwon was photographed at the airport, walking separately from Sohn Tae Young. Just like when they were leaving for the trip, they did not walk hand in hand or had a single photograph taken together.

Anyone know why they don't want to be photographed together even when they will be getting married soon?


daisyj said...

I think they have to come back to prepare for their huge wedding.

wintergal said...

I just hope they're not fighting~!

Anonymous said...

a lovers' quarrel?

Anonymous said...

check this out!

anonymous said...

The week went by in a jiffy! Hope they had fun. I think it's nothing, they were probably photographed separately - that's all.

Good to be re-assured that celebs shop at places on sale too. Looks like he grabbed that item at the airport before boarding the plan or something.

jane said...

i think a lot of star couples come & go separately mainly bc it's easier to protect/guard 1 person @ a time; it's safer for them that way. which also ties into the crowd & media. think of all the ppl wanting to get a pix of them together- it'd be a riot!
so 1st & foremost is always safety.

Anonymous said...

KSW is very protective of his fiance. He loves her very much.


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