Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Lee Yong-dae models for 1st Player

1st Player: Olympic gold medalist Lee Yong-dae

This young lad has the girls a buzzin'. Beijing Olympic gold medalist Lee Yong-dae (20), who smashed his way to badminton glory with partner Lee Hyo-jung in the mixed doubles category, is now modelling clothes for fashion line 1st Player.

It's too bad I didn't watch the match where the unseeded Lee & Lee powerhouse crushed world champions Liliyana Natsir and Nova Widianto of Indonesia. Did you tune in for the match?

According to our Korean language teacher and K-popped!'s Coast Guard Joe Gimm, Olympic medalists such as Lee Yong-dae and marine boy Park Tae-hwan are exempted from South Korea's 2-year compulsory military service.

For bringing such prestige to their country, the young men will only have to undergo the one month basic training course, which according to Joe is "a piece of cake" :-P.

Here are more pictures of Yong-dae.

Awkward: 'I'm feeling a little lonely without
my badminton racquet.'

Squishy: 'Ewww, this thing in my hand
feels funny.'

Young champ: Modelling for 1st Player

Source & Pic credits: Hankooki

Marine Boy Park Tae Hwan wins gold


marianne said...

ok.. so this is the new guy in sports everyone's crazy about. i saw pictures of him "winking" and that's what got him popular. ;)

Anonymous said...

bwahaha. i saw the match. absolutely AWESOME. i didn't know they were unseeded tho @__@

and i totally remember seeing him and being like oOo cute~~

and now he's more well known :D yays

inquinn said...

i'm not sure if they were unseeded. if so, the only reason would be because they're a relatively new pairing. but they've won a couple of titles before, if i'm not mistaken and have shown consistent performance.

and he's got the looks (our main focus in every single tournament), but poor boy- i guess he still needs some getting used to the camera and all these photoshoot deals. a tad stiff, no? ;)

Sophia said...

So this is Lee Young Dae ! I've read his name in the newspapers numerous of times but only now I know how he looks like.I didn't expect him to be this young.And cute too.
Lucky him to be exempted from the 2yr military stint.

missmanderley said...

he's a cutie... but i think its unfair that they give the gold medalists army exemption... how about the Hallyu stars that put Korea in the map? geez.

wawa said...

i watched the match... the koreans played quite well... owh, i do'nt realise he was this cute that time... hehehehehe!

Valerie said...

Yong Dae actually places more emphasis on men doubles and he and his partner were ranked world no. 3 as of Aug 21 (I have no idea of the latest ranking yet but I doubt there are any major changes). As for mixed doubles, he was ranked 10(I think); so, he wasn't seeded for the Olympics. ^^

Anonymous said...

to the person on top.. dude..

he just WON a gold for mixed doubles this year.. what are u talking about..lol

Anonymous said...

edit. gold in olympic beiijing won gold in mixed doubles.. so how could he have not qualified for it??? lol

Valerie said...

Yes, I was aware that he won gold for mixed doubles. What I meant was that he was initially achieving more success in men doubles.

He mentioned in an interview that he didn't even place much emphasis on the mixed for Olympics and that is why he was still amazed that he won for that event.

Before their victory, Yong Dae and his mixed doubles partner were only ranked about 10th in the world(thus making them unseeded for the Olympics). They are now ranked 2nd.

ivabella said...

ok.. now i'm become the biggest fan of Lee Yong Day!!!

he's not just talented but he's also soooo cuteeee!!!

lee young dae saranghe.. :D


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