Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Bae Doona in Nepal

The Host actress Bae Doona was in Nepal for an outreach project and her visit was filmed for South Korea's tvN World Special entitled Love.

Here are some pics of the 29-year-old with a Nepalese child. The first B&W pic is my fav :-).

Playtime: Doona gives the happy girl
a piggyback ride

Going for a walk: Time for a little exercise

Say hello: Doona gets her new friend to say 안녕하세요!
to everyone in Korea

Source & Pic credit: Hankooki

Doona's Tokyo Play


비비안 said...

Aiyoo... I am soo lame.. now only found her real name... Thanks for the info...

marianne said...

i love this girl, she's so spontaneous and versatile. i loved her character on "how to meet a perfect neighbor". ;)


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