Monday, 1 September 2008

Maxim Sept '08 cover girl: Kim Shi-hyang (김시향)

Be careful when you pick up the September 2008 copy of Maxim Korea because you might get burnt!

Wanna play?: 'Is it me or is it hot in here?'

The sizzling hawt Kim Shi-hyang graces the cover of the mag in a plunging black dress.

The racing model, who was recently voted as the #1 race queen most men would like to go on a holiday with, currently has a reality series on South Korea's Comedy TV.

Carefree: It's good to be young and beautiful

Most wanted: 'Let's go for a holiday!'

The series is called Kim Shi-hyang's Guys (김시향의 놈놈놈) and it follows the 28-year-old on her dating adventures with three men.

The foxy lady stands 174cm tall.

Looking for love?: Kim Shi-hyang has
her own reality series

Screen shots: The lady appears with her dates
in Kim Shi-hyang's Guys

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fizzy said...

a few times in kbs' star golden bell.
she's a good dancer too..

fizzy said...

/saw her

jolia said...

her legs are tooooo big to be true.
her thighs are soooo thick.
Not pretty at all...

Lola said...

I've seen her in KBS Star Golden Bell.Her face is quite pretty but I'm not digging the 1st picture.

Anonymous said...

Her boobs look kinda fake.

frankline said...



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