Monday, 8 September 2008

Park Chan Wook produces Miss Hongdangmu

Award winning director Park Chan Wook who brought us the Vengeance trilogy (which includes Old Boy) and I'm a Cyborg but that's OK will make his debut as a producer in the upcoming movie Miss Hongdangmu.

In the movie, actress Gong Hyo Jin (Sangdoo, let's go to school!) plays Yang Mi-suk (aka Miss Hongdangmu), a 29 year old Korean woman who teaches Russion in school. She stumbles into one frustrating situation after another due to her shortcoming of blushing easily.

"Hongdangmu" means "red radish" or "carrot" in Korean.

Park Chan Wook, Lee Kyung Mi, Gong Hyo Jin and
Lee Jong Hyeok at the Miss Hongdangmu production meeting
held on the 3rd Sept

Audiences will sympathize with the ruddy country bumpkin looking Miss Hongdangmu who often lands herself into trouble and who is in search of true love. Lee Jong-hyeok plays her love interest.

The movie is directed by Lee Kyung-mi, winner of the 2004 short films award. Miss Hongdangmu will be her first feature-length film. This movie will be released on October 16, 2008.

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"Crush & Blush" (미쓰 홍당무 / Miss Hongdangmu / Miss Carrot)

Source: Korea Herald


varms said...

I'm not such a big fan of Miss Gong Hyo Jin butt I am a Lee Jeong Hyuk fan!!! He's not gorgeous but charming nonetheless... I've been eyeing this movie but I'm more eager to watch Baby & Me and My Mighty Princess!

fizzy said...

it's "Sangdu! Let's Go To School" now in KBS.. i mean, they've changed the title..not "My Beloved" anymore. i wonder who complained. LOL

lee jong he the bodyguard from KBS' 'Formidable Rivals' [against Chae Rim..]?

Orchid said...

maybe they read this blog * kekeke *

1minutefilmreview said...

Sounds interesting.


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