Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Park Tae-hwan rides a bike

Yesterday, we brought you an entry on Olympic gold medallist Lee Yong-dae.

Today - on Rooster's birthday, 생일 축하합니다! - we have an entry on another Beijing Olympic gold medallist - Park Tae-hwan, the young lad who won the 400 meter freestyle event at the recent Olympcis.

One for the album: Tae-hwan gets a feel of the bike

At 2pm today (Sept 3) Tae-hwan received a Gilette Fusion Bike as an award for bringing home a gold medal. The swimmer was voted the No. 1 athlete most deserving of the prize, beating out fellow gold medallists Choi Min-ho (Judo) and Jang Mi-ran (weightlifting). In the poll, the 18-year-old received 30.4% of the 131, 560 votes.

The Marine Boy has autographed the bike and helmet and will be auctioning it off. Proceeds from the sale of the bike will be donated to his former high school's swimming department.

Autograph: Scribbling his name on the
bike (above) and helmet (below).

Appreciative: 'Thank you for voting for me!'

Well-wishes: Tae-hwan took some time out to
again congratulate Jang Miran

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

Marine Boy Park Tae Hwan wins gold


fizzy said...

saengi chukka ham ni da..
saengi chukka ham ni da..
sarangha neun uri Rooster..
saengi chukka ham ni da..!

>may you'll be blessed!

psstt.. i personally think lee yong dae's hawter..
he reminds me of an actor from a drama..
cant recall who..

Best Motor Pictures said...

Woww... Thank s

audrey said...

happy birthday Rooster..

all the best n may all ur dream come true!!!


Anonymous said...

lol.. he suddenly became popular... :D guess he win cause hes hotter.. haha

fraulein said...


His style is starting to resemble k-pop boyband'ers (insert group name here : Shinee, 2AM, VOS )

Welcome to the amazing world of sportsmen/celeb mesh-ups

fraulein said...

Happy birthday Rooster

Here's wishing u many happy returns of the day

brian said...

For a male swimmer he sure wears a lot of jewelery.


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