Thursday, 4 September 2008

CHIFFS Opening Ceremony in Seoul

The 2nd Chungmuro International Film Festival in Seoul (CHIFFS) will be held on the 3 - 9 September. The festival will hold movie screenings to celebrate retro to recent films. This year, CHIFFS will offer 170 films from more than 40 countries categorized into 11 different sections.

The festival evolves around three main themes (which was similar in the last installment) - Discover, Restoration and Creation.

Here are photos of Korean celebrities (whom i recognise) arriving at the CHIFFS opening ceremony on 3rd Sept. The stars will then watch the opening film of the festival - Hidden Fortress : The Last Princess (2008). Directed by Japan's Shinji Higuchi, this film is based on the 1958 version directed by legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.

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Girls Generation (SNSD) looking cute as cupcakes in their bright coloured tiered dresses

The busy Laundry Warrior Jang Dong Gun
practices his DDR moves on the red carpet

Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) looks fresh and perky in a fushia dress & short sassy haircut

Gorgeous Ha Ji-won shows us some leg

Clazziquai Alex's make believe wife Shin Ae

St Hobbo Oppa Shin Hyun Joon

Pics credit: Newsen


Liz said...

Why does Jang Dong-gun look so uncomfortable? He looks like he just peed in his pants :-P.

비비안 said...

Is that SNSD new look?? Omo... Not suitable la... I am sorry to SNSD fans b'cos their age ain't suitable la. They really needs to change their hairstyle..

Eugene.. omo.. love her new look... soo refreshy!!!

Yah!!! Jang Dong Gun.. he looks thin!!!! But still has the man look... hehehehehe

Mian, today complain too much already...

By the way.. thanks for sharing it

Orchid said...

비비안, now that you mentioned it, SNSD all have the same boring long hair. Sama style aje. yes they need some variety!

Anonymous said...

it's interesting how placed shin hyun joon's photo just beneath the one of shin ae. did you know about the gigantic scandal involving shinhyunjoon shinae sontaeyoung and a producer named joo young hoon?

Orchid said...

@anonymous no i didn't know about the scandal


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