Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Rain shows off sexy body

Wrestling with the MP3 player: 'Scroll, scroll, scroll...where's
that I do track?'

Rain shows off his sculpted physique to all and sundry in these photos recently released. It was taken at some poolside in the US of A (did you happen to be there when he walked by?).

All that sacrifice forgoing midnight snacks and sticking to a strict and healthy diet really paid off, huh Energizer Bunny? Good for you...now I feel like a cow :-(.

Thoughtful: 'Geez, I just got this. Where's the play button again?'

Searching: 'Hey dude, I really gotta go. Toilet's over there?

Walking by: Girl in the back checks out our Energizer Bunny.
Hee hee :-P


Rain's Happy Chuseok and 5th album promo message

More Rain!


fraulein said...

He hasn't looked this good in ages ; D

rainbowlove88 said...

Eeeee...oppa looks so handsome.

Orchid said...

I thought Rain's in Thailand filming his new music video? You sure that's in the USA? Anyway, no matter where he is, he's looking good. Also looks like he is posing for the camera! hahaha...

Nice pics. Great body. Looking forward to his new album!

김미 said...

와, 멌잇다!

오빠 어디에 있어요?



brian said...

Those abs look rock hard! They can't be photoshoped! No way!

wawa said...

drooling... there you go Rain!!! u r such a hottie so don't ruin your looks again!!! hahahahaha....

marianne said...

he sure looks good these days, after all those training in Ninja Assassin. keep it up, Rain! we love looking at these photos of yours. *hugs*


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