Friday, 12 September 2008

Rain's Happy Chuseok and 5th album promo message

Rain invites you to cheer for him as
he introduces his new 5th album

* LOL * You've gotta view this video of Bi wishing everyone a Happy Chuseok. He then quickly introduces his new album - makes a sound like when Korean's drink soju and claps for himself! (Okay this part got me laughing real hard & you just gotta see it).

I am also very happy that Bi used simple Korean in his message and i can actually understand around 80% of what he is saying! I remember the time - not too long ago, when i used to stare at Bi (on Youtube) and listen to him speaking Korean and not understand a single word of what he's saying (that was when the video had no subs of course!). I was thinking to myself "How nice if i could understand him". :-)

And now i can!
I just wanna say...감사합니다, 선생님. My Korean classes paid off!

Ahh...okay, here's the transcript of Rain's message
(translated by me, so please point out if there are mistakes):

Hey everyone,
An-nyeong-ha-se-yo! Bi here!
Is everyone alright?
Happy Chuseok and don't eat too much rice cakes.
Watch out for my come-back album.
Eeeccheeellleeee (makes a sound like he just drank a cup of soju).
* CLAP * CLAP * CLAP * (Orchid laughs!)
Wait for my new (5th) album. It has a very intelligent concept.
I hope you guys will like it.
Next October, Bi's comeback.
Happy Chuseok!
Thank you!

You can also view Rain wishing you a Happy Chuseok on his official website.

Happy Chuseok & Moon-cake (Mid-Autumn) Festival everyone!

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Empress80 said...

Yippy for the Rain video message. Boo for his hair and silly hat. He looks cute in the glasses though.

shinta said...

I'm sooo excited to see him perform once again..Exhibit those powerful moves Rain!

Anonymous said...

Oh he still speaks too fast for me *haha* But yay me understand too ;) Korean classes paid off indeed! *hi5*

ily said...

he also wished everyone to be healthy, right before he said Thank you.

kiwi said...

hihi i've been kind of invisible but i do read your blog. :) wow you are so good at korean!!! hahaha im trying to understand and only when i look at your translation and then i'm like oh yeah!! i hear it now!! lol

noV said...

happy chuseok...

Anonymous said...

Happy Chusuk Bi!!!

Orchid said...

@blinkable : hi5!

agasshi said...

he says "독특한" concept--unique/original/special concept. other than that, your translation was really good :) good job.


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