Saturday, 13 September 2008

Cats in South Korea: Meet Rum Tum Tugger

Cat: Rum Tum Tugger Rum Tum Tugger of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats. The black tom cat loves the limelight, is popular with the ladies and is the rebel of the pack.

Believe it or not, behind all that paint and wild mane of hair is none other than Daesung of popular boyband Big Bang! Yes, he's the one who dabbled in trot music.

Check out his transformation, which takes about 1 and a half hours of make-up, below.

Will Daesung be able to carry off his feline character? According to Wikipedia, Tugger is actually an homage to rocker Mick Jagger. It is apparent in the way he moves on stage and the costume styling. Also, Rum Tum Tugger does not have many scenes but when he does, he usually does a solo.

Hairy tale: 'What the h311? Where did this come from?'

Flamboyant: 'And bam...I own the stage.'

The Korean version of Cats will be playing at the Charlotte Theater in Seoul from Sept 19 onwards.

This is Daesung's first musical. Break a leg, dude ;-).

Daesung:...when he's not being cat-ty ;-).

Source: MSN News & Newsen

Daesung of Big Bang goes trot


Thuy said...

Daesung?! Reaaally?

Anonymous said...

Wow what a transformation..

Always believed that Daesung-sshi looked like Naruto... and this is a little bit helping convince me..

noV said...


Orchid said...

omo omo i didn't know Daesung is going to be in the Cats musical. Good for him! The makeup is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I actually would want to see this if I could. I wonder how he's going to be in this.

cheri said...

He scared me when he had those makeup on.


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