Sunday, 14 September 2008

Stars in hanbok wish you Happy Chuseok

You're My Destiny's Park Jae-jeong (left) &
East of Eden
's Lee Yeon-hee

On this auspicious Sept 14, Malaysian Chinese celebrate the Mid-Autumn/ Mooncake Festival while Koreans celebrate Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving).

Here are some pics of South Korean stars all decked out in their hanboks wishing one and all a Happy Chuseok :-). 추석 잘 보내세요!

FT Island boys

Actress/ singer Min Hyo-rin

King Sejong actress Oh Yeon-seo




First Korean playboy model Lee Pani

Banana Girl Kim Sang-mi

Actress Han Ye-seul

Singer/ actress Nam Gyu-ri

Rain's Happy Chuseok and 5th album promo message

Chuseok Holiday


Johan said...

You forgot Nam Gyu Ri. :'(

fraulein said...

It's amusing to see the usually scantily scad Jewellery girls all so covered up.

noV said...

^ it's Jewelry... and happy chuseok again...

cowsandlemonade said...

Oh my gosh! They look like little dolls, very cute and 'innocent' looking! (^.^)

Liz said...

Hey Johan, Ok, Ok, we have Nam Gyu-ri in the list now :-). Thanks for the pic!

Anonymous said...

And let us not forget princess BoA*

Happy Birthday Liz!!

Vic in Arrowbear, CA (USA)

Johan said...

LOL! Thank you thank you thank you. XD XD XD

KKVL said...

awhh..the KARA gals are soo sweet..hara nd ji young.. i almost couldn't recogtnise em...

the FT boys're cute too..jaejin's like trying to put up a "man"

say..wat abt the other big names? in DBSK..SUJU..etc..they're not involved int his activity?

cheri said...

I like the one worn by Han Ye Seul.It look so elegant.I really would like to try wearing one.


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