Monday, 22 September 2008

Korea's hottest boyband returns

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TVXQ's Fall Mini Concert & Press Conference
TVXQ is back with more weird outfits and ridiculous hair styles!

But hey...the fans just can't get enough of them.

From left: Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Hero Jaejoong,
Max Changmin, U-Know Yunho

After a nearly 2 year wait (one year seven months to be exact), TVXQ returns to Korea with their 4th album - Mirotic. They started off their fouth album promotions with a press conference and a Fall Mini Concert at Seoul City Hall on the 21st Sept 2008.

TVXQ or Dong Bang Shin Ki have also waited a long time
to come back to their Korean fans.
They are happy to perform
in Seoul again and are very excited to show their fans a more mature TVXQ.

Here's what each member had to say at the press conference:

"Just as fans have waited for a long time, we've waited for our fans for a long time." - Yunho

"Holding a concert in a public area and being with the city residents is a really happy event."
- Changmin

"I've come with a happy heart from the beginning, and hope there is a happy ending."
- Jaejoong

"While performing outside of Korea, I've often missed Korea, and I was really excited while working on this album."
- Yoochun

"Last night I thought about too many things and didn't get a good night's sleep. Having to show everyone a more mature side gives me a bit more pressure."
- Junsu

Shortly after its debut, Mirotic is rising up to #3 in the Mnet music charts.

DBSK donned black suits and performed
Hey! (Don't bring me down) at the mini concert

Don't try this at home...

DBSK's Mirotic Fall Mini Concert in Seoul

Source: Soompi Forums TVXQ official thread with translations by jae!fany (Shinki! Forums)


daisyj said...

Max has grown so tall!

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo happy! They are back with a *BANG* I love them foreva!

DBSK 4eva!

비비안 said...

Yeah!!! they have grown much more mature.....

i really like their latest album .. it is a totally different style which they have had in the previous 3 album

TVXQ hwaiting!!!

meiruo_chan said...

they are getting skinnier these days. i don't like the new hairstyle. i don't like Jaejoong showing off the body. And the fashion style...urghh...I can see the only normal member there is Changmin. Well, almost normal...

Linda said...

U-Know is so hot!!!!!!

KKVL said...

"I've come with a happy heart from the beginning, and hope there is a happy ending." - Jaejoong

HAPPY ENDING??! is this signifying something??!

anywayz.. glad they're back..can't wait for more frm da 4th album.. ;)

shitty said...

they should hsve re-thought their fashion and hair styles. seriously, those are the styles that i would puke upon. fugly and gay styles - confirmed from their comeback appearances.

audrey said...

OMO.....their MV is out...N they r showing ALOT of skin...nose bleed again!!!!

is it me or it's getting hotter in


varms said...

Did Chang Min grow some more?? Well he is the youngest in the group... He looks very manly now... Me like... And I liked Xiah's older hairstyles better...

Anyways, all the best for them with their new album and all... Go DBSK! *screams*

Himitsu! said...

Yay! You posted about the Showcase!
It was brilliant! Awesome performances as only DBSK can give!

Looks like you're missing the best videos. Here you go:

Love in the Ice (Korean lyrics by Max Changmin)
Breathtaking performance!

넌 나의 노래 (You Are My Song)
I hope they promote this lots! It's awesome!

노을...바라보다 (Look At the Sunset/Afterglow)
lyrics by Junsu
Junsu is quite a composer! Tensai!
I can't wait for album.
Awesome performance as expected!

Mirotic Individual Interview

DBSK's Message

Moments (MC: Leeteuk (Super Junior) and Boom)

whinyhanie said...

i like their new songs and cant wait for my CD to arrive..yay!!! mirotic mv is so darn sexy and i like their ballad song, you're my song (ehem, yes, well, thank you...*blush*) and they sing LIVE during the showcase!!! wish i was there....
anyway, i wanna go head hunting, anyone wants to join me??? first head is yoochun's stylist and then who ever put that darn fugly outfit on them....the outfit make me cringe...
but jae baby, you know i still love you...

Orchid said...

@audrey & Himitsu, thanks for sharing those video links!

peepoo said...

hmm, not feeling their debut song OR their's pretty gay. please tell the boys to button up their shirts or better yet...WEAR one! seeing these boys with their shirt half-buttoned or not even wearing a shirt underneath their jacket gives me flashbacks of Rain's neon green sweater in the first episode of "full house". i thought THAT was gay but the DBSK boys win!

wawa said...


i think i just turned myself into a dbsk's fan after checking out the songs & the vids!


Orchid said...

Just checked out their MIROTIC full MV, link posted by Johan in our Facebook group!

I don't like Xiah & Micky's asymmetrical hair cuts. So sissy-ish...Hero also a bit. Only Yunho and Max looks manly. Also, they are all so skinny!

wawa said...

yah, their hair kinda weird BUT BUT BUT...i think i don't mind with it! hahaha...

*this new fan of dbsk is learning to accept the good & bad of dbsk :p

Arin said...

yeah, wawa. that's the spirit! xD
hahaha. well, I don't really like their new styles either.
But am not complaining much cos their comeback makes me extremely excited!


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