Sunday, 19 October 2008

Alex surprises Shin Ae at her meet-the-fans event

Alex : I am your number one fan!

If there was one couple on the reality show "We Got Married" that look like they would hit it off in real life, well, my vote would go to Alex and Shin Ae.

Alex showed up to support Shin Ae at her fan signing session on the 17th Oct afternoon. Shin Ae was at Seoul's Gangnam COEX mall (Bread & Co. shilla), at a fan signing session for her new drama and Alex arrives to support her. Ain't that sweet?
Her new drama airs over KBS TV2 in November.

Children from an orphanage showed up to see her too

Shin Ae bravely met with fans over lunch

I'm glad Alex showed up, it looked a
bit lonely behind the counter

Please, sign on my arm

Source & Pics credit: Newsen


Anonymous said...

ohhh that is sooo sweet <3333

Love them in We Got Married

xepik said...

awww~ 8D
and sinae was there for alex's first solo concert!

Tyler said...

They should be dating already...for real ;-)

alchocoholic said...

HELL no, he should be dating me! :D

Yvonne said...

My favorite pair would Solbi and Andy, but this couple is really sweet too!

Kassandra said...

perfect couple.... Alshin 4ever!!!!

MeryMeline said...

They're my favorite couple too.... xD

Anonymous said...

They should be the couple

Anonymous said...

This is my absolute fav couple! Their so perfect for each other and they're both beautiful ppl!
The things that he does for her makes me super envious! But I love her so it's okay!

Anonymous said...

yes they should be dating in real life... love them

Anonymous said...

I miss them so much in WGM.=[
Love Alex and Shin Ae together!


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