Sunday, 19 October 2008

Super Junior Lee Teuk masquerades as a catwalk model

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Shhh...don't tell anyone if you know who I am

Does he look familiar to you? If you say yes, then that's Lee Teuk, the de facto leader of the 13-member Korean boy band Super Junior. While two of his bandmates, Kang-in and Kim Hee-chul are keeping busy performing in the Korean production of Xanadu, this member is making some extra cash, being a catwalk model.

I am telling ya for the last time, you don't know me!
Not with all this eye make-up you don't!

While his friends were busy, Lee Teuk was seen at designer Park Jung Chul's 09 S/S Seoul Collection. The fashion show was held at Seoul's SETEC on the 18th October. Lee Teuk was one of the main models!

Fashion show: Park Jung Chul's 09 S/S Seoul Collection

Do all catwalk models have to look bored?

Oh wait, Lee Teuk's friends spot him -
Dennis Oh and No Hong Chul were in the crowd

Lee Teuk cracks a smile as he was busted!

Source and pics: Newsen

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Hii said...

Oooh, isn't that Hyun Bin next to Dennis Oh?!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of ugly ass clothes. Do you call that fashion? Those designers nowadays.

yin said...

the make up doesnt look too good. and prolly they made the theme that he has to look bored. LOL . OOOHH I MISS MY TEUK !!


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