Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Big Bang's first Japanese album - Number 1

Big Bang says "I'm your Number 1"

Speaking of new albums, Big Bang will be releasing their first full-length Japanese album on the 22 Oct, 2008. The album will be called Number 1 (넘버원).

Here's the music video of the title track - Number 1. Why is this album for the Japanese market? Why not release it in the US? or Malaysia? Because, to my surprise, Big Bang sings the entire song in English! There are versions of the MV on YouTube with subtitles, but believe me, if you can read this blog, you won't be needing any subs.

Check out this club hip-hop number from Big Bang.

Pic credit: Newsen

Buy now! Big Bang : 3rd Mini Album - Stand Up


Jenny said...

I'm surprised they have not tried to learn at leasta some japanese.
I mean DBSK learned and did really well other foreign talents as Leah Dizon or the singer from Monkey majik also learned.
I don't think they will be as successfull as DBSK though, but good luch to them anyway ganbare

peepoo said...

um, i think i still need the english subtitles...

inquinn said...

i wonder too, their strategy is obviously different - knowing they're already known there through albums and songs released in Korea, maybe they figured anything would sell. and it is sort of killing two birds with one stone, they now can attract non-Japanese, English-speaking listeners (possible or not, we'll never know) since to say that they would like to break into the US market would sound tad ambitious, what with examples like Rain and Se7en.

but bottomline is, i'm still a bit puzzled watching a music video intended first and foremost for the Japanese market, but sang in English and not even a single Japanese word. no idea if they fully comprehend what they're singing, let alone understand those Japanese subtitles. decent song though.

daisyj said...

yeah WHY IS BIG BANG singing is ENGLISH?

Shira said...

i love the song.
especially the chorus part.
but the mv..err..
how to say yeah?
it's too...
lol.idk...i dont think i like the mv.
but the song is cool. ;)

sarah said...

big bang is not targeting the typical japanese market ler. they are targeting urban, underground market that is why they are singing in english and the sound are different. its like in malaysia, the indies sing in english and have a whole different perception of the music market than the commercial artists. they mentioned in an interview before that they dont want to be labeled the typical 'kpop wave' artist but they really want people to support BB fully because of their music not just because they are 'k-pop artist'.i think this is smart of them!


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