Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Rain's 5th album pics

Rain says..."I love you Ha Ji Won".
Okay, it's just a MV.

We are all waiting....waiting...waiting for Rain's 5th album to drop. First he teases us with a short clip of the first track entitled "Love Story". Now we hear that the album will be called Rainism? What? Did he exchange notes with Lee Hyori or something? Lee Hyori's last album was called "It's Hyorish" and now Rain calls his album "Rainish"...err..i mean "Rainism"? Oh, please tell me it isn't so.

Three more days before the 10th October when Rain starts his promotions on MBC.

Rain is mad Hyori stole his Ranish idea....
[Rain's 5th album jacket pic released by J Tune Entertainment]

Errr...what the heck is this? Some photo i found on the Internet.
Is that Rain in a wife beater and suspenders running away
from gay men who's trying to grab a piece of him? tsk tsk tsk...

Rain will be recording a special showcase concert on the 9th October at the MBC Dream Center. 1,000 fans will be invited for the closed door event. Don't worry if you don't get to go, it will be screened on MBC on the 17th Oct. The show will be called "Me Rain Dance". Okay Rain, we know you still have a long way to go to brush up on your English. But there's no need to use caveman language with us. ;-)

Pics credit: J Tune Entertainment

Rain tells you his LOVE STORY
IT'S HYORISH pops out on 25 July


marianne said...

hehe... you know what, i just love reading all the captions you place in these photos. honestly, you always put a smile on my face everytime i visit k-popped! *hugs*

oh, and by the way, this new album of Rain looks pretty darn awesome. i just hope it will be available soon here in manila as well. :)

Anonymous said...

i love watching Rain`s MV teaser of his 5th album how many times i have watched it? hehehe. so eager to buy soon... we will endlessly support you BI

shinta said...

Agree with marianne..

For some reason I'm not hating your captions, they're funny..unlike other blogs..lol

MiMi said...

Oh those pics are sooo gay. That second pic just SCREAMS Village People (for those that don't know, the Village People were a group of gay men in the 70's that were popular. They dressed VERY similar to those pics, esp. the second one!)

WOW. YMCA!!! *sprinkles glitter*

Fortunately for Rain, for some reason, Korean women seem to have a fascination for their k-pop men being EXTREMELY fem looking (and acting) So, I think he'll be okay.

Orchid said...

Yeah i am looking forward to Bi's album too.

@MiMi hahahaha...ya i remember YMCA! & village people.

Girl said...

Hi Liz/Orchid

Any idea whether the album will be released simultaneously in all Asian countries incl Malaysia??? If no, i'll have to source from Korea!!!

Orchid said...

@Girl, We don't know if Rain's 5th album will be released in Asia simultaneously. Will provide news on how to get it if we come across it. I guess it will be out on YesAsia soon!

Orchid said...

Mabuhay Marianne, thanks for leaving a comment. Glad you like the captions. Oh! Thanks for being a K-popped! follower too.

To those who don't know that being a "Follower" is all about...if you look at the right column, you will see a list of people who follow our blog. If you are a Blogger, you can choose to keep tabs on your favourite blogs ~ hence you become a "Follower"! It's one of Blogger's new feature.

life of boo... said...

i didnt even know that "follower" stuff. anyway, now im following you guys...everywhere you go.. *evil smile

Orchid said...

@life of boo.... EVERYWHERE? I'm Scared ;-)

life of boo... said...

no need to scare..come to papa.. :)

t-hype said...

omg. thanks for posting those photos! that's the gayest stuff i've seen all week. definitely good for a hearty laugh!!!

quantumvis said...

Seriously, from what I've seen of Part II the teaser, Rain should change his image. The hot-tempered, secretly-sensitive lover is not trendy anymore? The album photos are disgusting, also.

Shira said...

the covers look...idk..weird?maybe
but of course i cant wait for this.

Anonymous said...

Ah Rain...love you so much, but can't stand your hairstyle and you are way too skinny now (at least from the teaser). Can't wait for RAINISM album! I like the title though, but hey one user from youtube has been naming him/herself as Rainism.

Orchid said...

@Girl, yes Rainism will be released in Malaysia on the 16 Oct! Check out this entry: http://k-popped.com/2008/10/rainism-released-in-malaysia-on-oct-16.html


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