Monday, 20 October 2008

Forever with Lee Bul

Boy, the daily heavy downpours in Kuala Lumpur has me feeling a little pensive...and I've found the perfect song to complement my mood.

Singer: Lee Bul debuted with his ballad Forever on Sept 10

Meet Lee Bul. Last month, he was known as the new kid on the Korean music block. His debut single Forever (영원) was released on Sept 10.

The extremely jiwang (Bahasa Malaysia slang for "emo") ballad is a song about missing someone you love. It's really easy on the ears :-).

The MV boasts a star studded cast namely Park Jung-ah (Jewelry), Kim Dong-wan (Shinhwa), Sasha, Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls), Tae-yeon (SNSD), Sun Ye (Wonder Girls) and Shin-dong (Suju).

Check it you like it?:

Long, sexy hair no more: 'Yes I've had a
haircut since my debut.'

Best angle: 'I look my best from this side.'

Pic credits: Yonhap News


Muffin said...

That is quite possibly the most depressing video I have ever seen.

Tyler said...

Yuck, it's too sappy.

Anonymous said...

^^ I agree, tyler. phooey, this is SO SO SO loaded with sappiness.

goldenstarburst said...

the melody's easy on the ear, but OH. MY. WHAT. MELODRAMA. all that soulful staring, with one of the girls (not sure about her name) trying to pass off a "oh the cheesiness of it i'm going to burst out laughing soon" as a wistful lovelorn smile. and the choreography leaves much to be desired. it reeks of the 1990s, where mvs then could be summed up in one word: sappy.


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