Thursday, 16 October 2008

Han Ye-seul is boob-ilicious for Venus


Let's talk about Han Ye-seul's boobs.

The Tazza actress shows off what is dubbed as the "cleavage look" (I'm not making this up) in her latest advert for underclothing brand Venus.

The lovely 26-year-old dons a low cut wine-coloured dress and nicely fills it out with the help of her Venus push-up bra.



Mmm hmm, can't wait for the new advert. I hope it will be, entertaining as the previous one. That's because the advertisement for the Venus Shine V range is hilarious.

Shine V & Ye-seul are bosom buddies ;-)

Apparently, putting on the Shine V bra will make men want to shoot jets of silvery light at your chest!

Again, I'm not making this up. Watch the video below.

Source: Hankooki


Anonymous said...

Who says there is nothing good on TV?? She is totally yummie!

Now in Long Beach, CA

Anonymous said...

I swear she mis-said Venus...

soldatodianima said...

Mammaries & Marketing: Always a good thing.

kitty said...

haha what you trying to say anon?

her English pronunciation is not that great even though she was born and raised in California.

Anonymous said...

Looking THAT good, I seriously doubt any guy would notice how she talks!!

Vic in Long Beach, Ca

Priseis said...

That's just an indirect way of marketing saying that if you wear this bra, men will stare at your boobs. (as opposed to your face where they're supposed to look?? lol)

I love how you guys make it funny. XD But this advert is disturbing. =(

mangomerah said...

ok... disturbing... & suggestive... T.TT

Anonymous said...

Priseis; advertisement doesn't have morals, their only priority is to sell. :x


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