Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Stars at the Seoul Drama Festival 2008

Q & A session: One of South Korea's famous screenwriters
Kim Su-hyun fielding questions. She's the scribe behind the
drama Mom's Dead Upset.

Alrighty all you K-drama fans, this is really fantastic news for ya.

The dull Seoul Drama Awards (what's that? - exactly!) which first started in 2006 has been jazzed up to become the Seoul Drama Festival this year!

Lucky lass: Swimmer Kim Ji-eun is flanked by the handsome
Lee Ji-hoon (left) and Kim Dong-wan

The 2008 event with the theme "Enjoy Star and Story" kicked off on Oct 4 and ended on Oct 14.

Oh dear, it has ended? I guess it still ain't that happening. Organisers, I'd look closely into the promotional work for next year's festival if I were you.

This year's event allowed guests to mingle with their fave stars...I would like to know how. However, everything culminates in the award ceremony, which was held yesterday at the Yeouido KBS Hall in Seoul.

Masters of Ceremony: Choi Soo-jong (left) and
Eugene played host at the event

Actor Choi Soo-jong (Dae Jo Yeong) and actress Eugene (Three Dads, One Mom) were the MCs for the night while extremely popular boyband TVXQ (or DBSK if you wish) opened the event with their energetic performance.

Sizzlin': The TVXQ boys mesmerises with Mirotic

Hawt: The guys show why they are called the
Rising Gods of the East

Even Eva and Sayuri of Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies played a part in the event. The lovely ladies were the appointed interpreters at the ceremony!

Language: Eva (right) does her thing during
the event

It is reported that this year's festival garnered a total of 152 entries from 33 countries such as Iran, Israel and South Africa.

Award categories include best single drama, mini-series, drama series, acting as well as production awards.

Here's a glimpse of the stars who attended the Seoul Drama Festival 2008 award ceremony!

Goodness gracious Byun Jung-min, what kind of
slimming body wrap are you in?

Ah, Han Go-eun is surely a sight for
sore eyes

In his eagerness to attend the award ceremony,
Jeong Won-chang
forgets to put on socks

East of Eden's Kim Beom breaks hearts in
his spiffy ensemble

Bad Love's Kim Sung-su
is lookin' good

Iljimae's Lee Jun-ki greets his fans

Lee Young-ah is a vision of beauty in
the Grecian-inspired dress

Nam Sang-mi looks cute in a puffy 'lil number


Anonymous said...

It's look like would be a bored international event again if DBSK wasn't there. BTW where is Yoon Eun Hye, isn't she suppose to present as one of the nominator...?

Hii said...

That Jeong Won-chang person looks too much like Joe Cheng of ISWAK. Woah!

Anonymous said...

it is joe cheng of ISWAK.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder if they gave out awards, like "Best Drama", or "Most Kleenexes used in one episode". How did "Goong" and "Sorry I Love YOu" do?

Vic now in Long Beach, CA

katy rose. said...

Totally didn't know Joe Cheng even HAD a korean name. haha.

wawa said...

dbsk is everywhere now.... hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Jeong Won-chang....haha didnt know that's joe's korean name..i wonder is he the only taiwanese artiste there...

n his pants are too short for his frame...

jicks said...

^i know! it takes away from his hotness damn it!

at least wear some frkn socks ><"

Anonymous said...

lee wei was there as well as yoo hana, the actors from "my lucky star".

joe cheng should get a belt too.

Rose said...

Does Malaysia participate in this festival. I heard that for PIFF Malaysian won some award.


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