Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Hyun Bin's Worlds Within Style

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The much awaited drama Worlds Within (also known as The World We Live In) has started airing on KBS2 in South Korea on the Monday and Tuesday prime time slots. Why much awaited? Because the leads are Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo!!!

If you have seen the first two episodes or read the episode recaps or have viewed the screen captures, you would notice that Hyun Bin's character Jung Ji-oh displays a rugged PD (Producer Director) look by wearing checked flannel shirts.
And believe me, he wears lots of it!

Checked flannel shirt...

...and more checked flannel shirts!

Get Jeong Ji-ho's rugged PD style with Dipliti checked flannel shirts.

Get a whiff of true Korean fashion via one of these checked flannel shirts from Dipliti (street fashion range). Price is 42,000 KRW (around 42 USD)

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iyah said...

ohmg!! i have been waiting for this~~ so bad nz is so boring to have korean channels~~ grrrr. but.. hyun bin + check flannel shirts = HOTNESS ^^

[2 orchid: very first comment! yay!]

Orchid said...

hi iyah,

usually i don't particularly like men in checked shirts. But on Hyun Bin...he makes it look good. =)

daisyj said...

Not my preferred style for him. I loved his colorful shirts in MLSS. He looked great there. Here...not so much.

Anonymous said...

One check shirt too many.

missmanderley said...

as much as i am loving his character Jiho in WW... Hyunbin did look his best in MNIKSS... hands down.

Valerie said...

he looks sooo hot! i'd love to see what's underneath them flannels. hehe. sorry!

love the hair too! that style works for him and rain.

SupportingObamaandBiden said...

I keep jumping back and forth with my interest in this series.

Anonymous said...

I think he looks, but i have to disagree with his outfits in MNKSS I thought those color choices were horrible, but he definetely was hot in A Millioner's first love, he was HOTTER from hair to waredrove


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