Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Rain honoured for being big on saving

Big saver: Rain (right) isn't much of a big spender

So, it looks like Rain saves for a -- wait for it -- rainy day, huh? Ha ha ha, I kill myself.

Crappy jokes aside, Rain a.k.a Jung Ji-hoon was awarded the President's Award in conjunction with the National Day of Saving today.

He was honoured for his good saving habits and for being an overall good role model to teens.

Security: Rain sheds a tear as he thinks of his ridiculously
healthy bank account

Rain announced that he appreciated the award and feels that he was undeserving of it.

Bi wasn't the only recipient of an award today as actress Kim Ji-soo received the Prime Minister's Award.

Wealthy folks: Rain (left) and Kim Ji-soo

Source: Bi/rain @ Soompi
Pics credit: Hankooki

More Rain!


germaine said...

Maybe he feels that he was undeserving this award, because a lot of the money was taken from the promoters of the canceled US-concerts. And maybe he needs a lot of his savings when Click Entertainment from Hawaii wins the lawsuit against him!!

Anonymous said...


Is this a joke?

Anonymous said...

He didn't wear his clown outfit to the awards? I'm bummed. I'll bet not even one person asked him for extra tomatos, or cheese.

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Anonymous said...

great one bibi! congratz and you definitely deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong but why do I get the idea that he's a scrooge? Reinforced by a story I read about him making a mini fuss about losing a few bucks in parking lot once.

IRAIN said...

Hey, give him a break, it's up to him whether he wants to be a Scrooge or what. I think he shed his tears cos he has to shop branded stuffs secretly after this award hahaha... An award like this is a burden!


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