Friday, 24 October 2008

Jung Ryu-won @ Seoul Fashion Week

Arrival: Ryu-won arrives for the fashion
show at SETEC

My Lovely Samsoon actress Jung Ryu-won attended designer Lee Seok-tae's show during the Seoul Fashion Week today.

The 26-year-old donned a black and white printed top paired with red pants.

Meet & greet: She spots Kim Hyo-jin and goes,
'Girlfriend, we have the same hat on!'

The cute thing about her was that just before the fashion show started, she put on glasses for a better view of the fresh designs :-). Hmm, maybe she just wanted a clearer look at the male models? :-P

Clearer view: 'Let me just put them on and...
yup, I'm all set for the show.'

Source: Newsen

It's Seoul Fashion Week


Anonymous said...

she sorta channels michael jackson with that look. haha

alchocoholic said...

Eh? I thought it was fashion week? What is up with her outfit?! And aiyohhhh, she is so skinny! I feel like she'd snap into 2 if anyone gave her a hug... Eat some ddukbokgi already!


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