Friday, 24 October 2008

The party on Mnet Countdown, Oct 23

Oh what a night!

It sure looked like all of Korea's best performers gathered to party on the Mnet Countdown show on October 23. Oh well, maybe i am missing Lee Hyori. Here are some highlights to that very happening music chart countdown show! Guess who was photographed the most?! ;-)

Let's see...who should i start with...okay, the rising gods...

Dong Bang Shin Ki strikes weird poses

Charismatic Hero Jaejoong & U-know Yunho of DBSK
showing off their muscles and expensive accessories

DBSK - again!

DBSK accepting their Mnet award for topping the
charts with Mirotic 2-weeks in a row!
The See-ya girls look on.

See Ya performing on Mnet

Wonder Girls in hot pink performs the very catchy Nobody

Sohee wants Nobody but YOU!

Sunmi might not be so accommodating though...

2pm without JYP

Brown eyed girls took to stage too!

The lesser known YMGA ~ do you know them?

Kapow! Rain makes an explosive entry
on the Mnet stage

Rain and his controversial magic stick

Check out my awesome clothing line.
Rain in
Six to Five and proud of it!

Camera close up...what is the camera man doing?

Youtube links of the Mnet show on Oct 23:

Pics credit: Newsen,, MyDaily

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Bri@n said...

Sohee looks awesome!

Johan said...

Oooh. This must be the show where See Ya performed That Person aka Shoes 3. Must check it out.

Orchid said...

let me try harder to find a pic of SeeYa on this episode...

Johan said...

Thanks Orchid. I just finished watching the performance. It was pretty good. ^^

lolo said...

'The lesser known YMGA' hah!

I know know them :) Probably because they're from the awsome YG Family, so of course I know them xD
Love their album especially since Teddy, Taeyang, Uhm Jung Hwa, CL and Danny are featured on there. HOT!!!

Wondergirls look cute, I don't think this new style suits Yoobin though, she's been looking really bad since the start of this new 'concept' still love her though

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how could you not know YMGA? You can't just label them as lesser know when they do have their cred... and as lolo stated above, their debut was participated by so many fine artists of the YG Family...

Excuse my rants, but being a long time reader of your site, I really do hope you guys do some research before you guys post things up and label them... inappropriately?
I notice it a couple of time but only commenting it for the first time here...

Thanks for the hard work...

Liz said...

What's the camera man doing? Maybe getting a load of Rain's "magic stick"? Hee hee...

Anonymous said...

WOW. What a program! "Sohee, I'm yours!!". Rain needs a bananna, and big red ears to accessorize his outfit. "Would you like to make that a Super Value meal, mam?"

Vic in Long Beach, CA

noV said...

nobody nobody but the Wonder Girls~!!!

reyy said...

that's son ho young with 2pm! gosh he looked awesome that night(=

Muffin said...

Your photo comments are always the best part!


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