Monday, 27 October 2008

JYP Entertainment scores at Digital Music Awards

JYP's Wonder Girls and 2PM received the Song of the Month and Rookie of the Month awards respectively for the month of September 2008. The awards ceremony was held at Lotte World, Jamsil, Seoul at 4pm on the 27 Oct.

Wonder Girls accepts the Digital Music Award for "Song of the Month"
in their "Nobody" dresses and multi-coloured

leggings. Notice Yoo Bin's wig is slightly different from the rest.

2PM are "Rookie of the Month"
(Joon Su, Jae Beom, Nik Khun,

Taek Yeon, Woo Yeong, Jun Ho, Chan Seong)

2PM accepting their award with the Digital Music mascots

2PM performs

Source & pics credit: Newsen


Valerie said...

they both have really catchy songs out. i have them on regular play. hehe.

on a side note, taekyeon is dream.a.licious!!!

noV said...

go WG~!!!

iyah said...

i really like WG's new songs. they're waay catchy than SNSD's..

WonderBinnie said...

did you know that,so far,every WG's songs have won the Cyworld awards?

Irony - Rookie of the Month (Feb 08)
Tell Me - Song of the Month (Oct 08)
So Hot - SOng of the Month(Jul 08)
Nobody - Song of the Month(Sept 08)

go go WG!!WONDERFULS are so proud of u guys!!
and congrats 2PM!!JayBum is so HOT!lol!

Brian said...

That's because JYP writes really good songs!!


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