Monday, 27 October 2008

Kwon Sang Woo shocks by dropping movie

Dashing actor Kwon Sang Woo breaks the news after his wedding, but in a disappointing manner. It has been reported that Kwon has dropped the movie "My Love By My Side" - without any prior warning. The movie was to be his next project and filming would begin in mid-November. He would be acting opposite Ha Ji Won. The movie will be directed by Park Jin Pyo.

Earlier on, in September, Kwon had agreed verbally to take on the project, but has suddenly pulled out, leaving the production house in a state of shock and dismay. How are they to find a lead actor to replace him in such a short time? The entire production of "My Love By My Side" could face huge losses.

Meanwhile, Kwon Sang Woo is in Japan right now. He will meet his Japanese fans and attend several promotional events there. Kwon has announced that his next project would be a drama.

Kwon Sang Woo at the Japan
press conference "I am pulling out of the movie,
but you will see me next in a huge drama!"

Source: Newsen
Pic credit: East-01

Ha Ji Won is hot commodity


Anonymous said...

I'm betting his new wife threatened to break every bone in his body, in alphabetical order, if he was seen within 300 kms of Ha Ji-won. (Ha not being particularly hard on the eyes...)

Vic in Long Beach, Calif.

Anonymous said...

No!!!!kwon sang woo,why you dropped the movie?i think you like to shock people.first one-announced your wedding,dropped the movie without warning,...


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