Saturday, 25 October 2008

Korea Plaza in Kuala Lumpur

If you subscribe to the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) newsletter, you would have received an e-mail on the Korea Plaza.

For those not in the know, KTO will be opening a Korea Plaza at the Ground Floor of Menara Hap Seng (formerly MUI Plaza) in Kuala Lumpur.

Dancers perform at a reenactment of the royal wedding ceremony
of King Sukjong and his Queen Inhyeon at the Gyeongbok Palace
in Seoul on Oct 24. - Yonhap

Here are some of the things K-popped! Malaysians will be able to do there:
a) watch free movies, dramas and cultural performances
b) attend fan meetings and tourism seminars
c) visit various exhibitions (tea/ food tasting, Hanbok fittings etc.)

Apart from that, if you want to learn Korean for free, classes start on Nov 13 onwards. It will be held every Thursday from 5.30pm to 7pm.

Other activities include learning Korean songs (every Thursday, 1pm to 2pm).

Free movie screenings will be held every Monday at 1.30pm to 3pm. The list includes:
Meanwhile the drama that will be shown is Hyun Bin's Snow Queen. Two episodes will be aired at each screening. The free screenings will be held every Friday at 1.30pm to 3pm.

However, DO NOT just turn up for the events as you'll need to send in an application form to indicate what you are interested in. (Want to know more? Write to before Nov 2).

Great effort by KTO in promoting all things Korean, but are they only targeting housewives?

I won't be able to attend ANY of these activities since regular Janes like us need to work for a living. I'm sure the younger K-popped! Malaysians will have school/college/university to attend too, no?


May said...

Cool! Singapore has their own Korea Plaza since early 2007. Finally it's our turn ^^
But then again, the timing of their activities really sucks >_<

Orchid said...

This is awesome news!

noV said...

what are they thinking? people in Malaysia don't work is it?

but what the hell! i'll just quit my job & go there to learn Korean... hahahah~!!!

Shira said...

darn it.
i missed korean fes. in penang.
and now kl!
gah!i'm so unlucky! :(

Anonymous said...

Hehehe my office is within a walking distance with the location. Considering taking up the free class.... but the timing of movie screening really on a very weird time.

nurul said... they arrange the classes/events according to Korean time or something?

Kuala Lumpur Secrets said...

Wish granted and your kimchi kiss ♥ there it goes. Am assuming you are a female lol..haha. Things are really spicing up in Kuala Lumpur. The Koreans are finally here. Korean free movies, dramas, and cultural performances! talk about a big boost to Kuala Lumpur Tourism. About the free Korean language lessons, pickup your school bags, lunch box, wear your back to school shoes and head to class. What is the color of their Korean School Bus? Is it Yellow? haha.
Spicing up Kuala Lumpur

amy_meteorgdn said...

I got this email too..

I wish I can join any of the listed activities but the time? Duuhhh.. *frustrated*

snow said...

u can just come at the opening.. but its on working time also...

fizzy said...

my goodness!
you guys in KL are so lucky!
i'm stuck in terengganu, so i can't really go.
is it for 1 month only?
thought of coming down to KL in dec..

but yeah, the timing is not really helping, right?

Anonymous said...

Events on Saturday would be good.

saleha said...

i heard Paran will come on that day as a guest... so it will be sooooo cool^^

ikinworld said...

oh really? i thought jus Mawi? gosh.... i must go and take leave^^

Anonymous said... ended by that time..
but i live in penang..huhu..
maybe i should stay at my sister house..
i'm gonna ask her now

Anonymous said...

Mawi??? sorry but wth does he got to do wit korean stuff?? get sum other artist at least.. puhlezz.. ask him to get rdy for his wedding though..

hanang. said...

can u tell me its until when??
SPM omg!

Najah CO said...

man it's maddening that the timings are sooo weird. the earliest that i can go off work would be at 7pm (lol!) and the classes would have already finished..sigh.. i'm wondering what's the point of having these kind of things arranged if people are not able to go...

anyhow to u k-popped! girls and guy - GREATTTTTT job on the website :) kudos!

Blogger-z Kuala Lumpur said...

A kimchi kiss ♥ to an event to look forward to. The Korean Plaza in Kuala Lumpur. November 2nd is the date to look forward to. Just a few days from today.
Blogger-z Kuala Lumpur

snow said...

i saw digital poster about paran concert at Korea Plaza!!

alen st said...

i apply the free korean class but cant get it, sad.anyone who know any korean language study plz msg me ok.tq

Empress said...

hey guys, if any of you manage to go for any of the events, maybe you can make a suggestion to have events for non-students; ie. people who needs to be somewhere permanently from approximately 9am - 6pm on weekdays.

skyblue23 said...

how do we get the application form??

Liz said...

Write to the e-mail in the article skyblue23.


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