Saturday, 25 October 2008

2 Days 1 Night - new season, new leader

1박 2일 season 2

2 Days 1 Night (1박 2일), the KBS2 variety show that is part of the Happy Sunday (해피선데이) line up goes into season two. In this new season, MC Mong takes over from MC Kang Ho Dong as the leader of the troupe.

In this program, the six members (Kang Ho Dong, KimC, Lee Soo Geun, Eun Ji Won, MC Mong and Lee Seung Ki) travel all over Korea, taking in the wonderful sights. They are also given challenges and the winners of each challenge will be rewarded accordingly. The members fight hard for the rewards which come in the form of food (the looser needs to survive on a simple meal), comfort for the night or other luxuries.

These travelers make their way to interesting places in Korea. One of the most memorable one was Baekdu Mountain (백두산) located at the border of North Korea and China. I remember the six of them had to spend a couple of days on a ship to get there and you should see their faces when they get a glimpse of the landscape of North Korea for the first time. It was an emotional and heart warming episode. That particular trip took 4 nights and 5 days, rather than 1 night 2 days.

2 Days 1 Night travelers (from left): Kim C, MC Mong,
Lee Soo Geun, Kang Ho Dong, Eun Ji Won and Lee Seung Ki

The variety show has become quite popular and some have requested for the show to be given independent treatment - to dislodge it from the Happy Sunday line-up. Although ratings are high for 2 Days 1 Night, the network has decided not to make it independent from Happy Sunday so that the ratings will not be diluted. This is because KBS2 Happy Sunday has strong competitors in the form of MBC's Sunday Sunday Night and SBS's Good Sunday.

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first said...


Anonymous said...

I just started watching this a month or so ago when I got KBS World....It's a fun show!


Anonymous said...

I wish they would add Kim Jong Kook! It will be like the old Xman days with kang ho dong and lee seung ki and he's friends with mc mong. The show is great now but it would be awesome with KJK!! :)

fizzy said...

1 Bak 2 Il is definitely my FAVOURITE of all kbs programs!!
all 6 of them really complement each other in the show.

fraulein said...

It's an amazing show. I like it alot

For me the Baekdu-san ep ranks among the best. Even tho I am not Korean, I felt a lump in my throat as the cast finally arrived at the Cheonji crater lake and I could literally feel their emotions. I wldnt mind trying to ascend Mt baekdu (known as the origin of the Korean spirit? pls correct me if i am wrong) if it's within my physical limits. Now if only I could convince my parents to take the trip with me....

I heard it's nearer if you make your approach via N Korea or China instead of the South.

Where's kang ho-dong going? He's an inspirational hyung the rest can look up to. A bit too loud and gregarious for my liking at times but it's all good...

fraulein said...

I like how the rest sometimes " gang up " on hapless lee seung-gi at times. His expressions are priceless!

Rachel said...

I love this show! :) It's my weekly happy pill. All 6 guys are so much fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully will be temporary only cos' KHD is the best as leader and MC

Anonymous said...

Love all the 6 guys alot!! Especially Lee Seunggi!! He is so cute! Have been watchin it every week and hooked on since then!

fieyra zachariah said...

i love 1 day 2 nights show!
although im from Malaysia, but this korean show really makes me laughed my ass off!
i love Kim C and Lee Soo Geun!!


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