Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Korean production of XANADU releases OST

SuJu members Kang-in and Kim Hee Chul
appears in Xanadu. Both play the lead.

The Korean production of the broadway musical Xanadu will be releasing the OST today (15 Oct). Super Junior members Kang-in and Kim Hee Chul appear in the musical; they are both currently performing in the show. You will be able to download the OST from Korean Online music sites and enjoy Xanadu tracks like Suddenly and Don't Walk Away in Korean!

Both Kangin and Hee Chul play the lead role Sonny who falls for the immortal goddess Kira. So Kangin is Hee Chul's understudy and vice versa. ;-) They take turns.

The producers of Xanadu licensed the exclusive South Korean-language rights of the show for two years to Tin Tin Entertainment. So if you are in South Korea, catch Xanadu, featuring Super Junior members as the lead.

For more information on the Korean production of Xanadu or to buy tickets, go to the official site at

Kim Hee Chul sings about a roller disco in Xanadu

Kang-in performing in Xanadu

Sonny (Kang-in) and Kira

Sonny (Hee Chul) and Kira

Hee Chul sings to his love

Cast of Xanadu - Korean production

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

Kim Heechul is more comfortable kissing boys



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