Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Korean singer Tei and Jessica Gomes kiss

Romance: *Smooch* Aww...with the sunset and
all that - what a Kodak moment

Lucky man. Anything for the job, right?

Ballad singer Tei (25) locked lips with the sexy Jessica Gomes (23) for his upcoming 5th album Tei With a Kiss.

The romantic shot was taken by the Han River after the pair was seen gallivanting around Seoul on a "date".

One more time: The pair tries to get their kiss right

A peek behind the scenes of the shoot will be shown on Korea's cable network On Style. The program, which is set to air on Oct 10 and 17 at 11pm, is entitled My Name is Jessica Gomes.

I'm sure Tei is the envy of all men now, but does anyone know why the Australian model is keen on breaking into Hallyuwood? There's so much promo on her in the Korean press lately.

On a date: Tei (left) and Jessica Gomes explore Seoul together

Source: Hankooki


Anonymous said...

Tei looks like DBSK Micky in the 3rd pic~ well..kinda..

Anonymous said...

Tei! I'm glad he's making a comeback. Who's the chick? never heard of her before and compare to tei, she's so plain...

lol, probably just my jealousy :p

meiruo_chan said...

yeah...that's true...he looks like DBSK Micky in the 3rd pic...

Dottie said...

Tei is a good singer.

The Gomes lady is pretty I'm sure but I'm kinda sick of Pan-Asians sucking the industry dry just because they cannot make it in the white folks' country.

Anonymous said...

I love him singing Sad Heart for the drama Bad Love. I love that song. Tei rocks!

noV said...

Jessica Gomez is hot like goreng pisang panas!

Anonymous said...

Dottie, she is infact famous in the 'white world'. She's Australian and she's very popular down here, in Aus as well as America. For all we know, it could of been Tei that asked her to appear in his clip, and not the reverse, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get your facts from about pan Asians?

I'm sure he did ask her to be in his video clip. Watch her..she will be the next "Bond Girl" and is on her way to being a supermodel.She is very popular in Australia and America. Europe has also shown interest.

After all what's the beef?

Maggie said...

'ei! I'm glad he's making a comeback. Who's the chick? never heard of her before and compare to tei, she's so plain...'

Excuse me? Plain? I am sure you are just jealous.


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