Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Lee Ji-hoon & friends entertain families in Gunsan

Concerned: 'Here kid, don't leave on an empty
stomach when there's free food.'

You're My Destiny actor Lee Ji-hoon (29) was at the Jeollabukdo Gunsan Annex Telecom Call Center on Oct 10 to spend time with families.

The charity event, which was sponsored by Annex Telecom, was catered to children who are being brought up by their grandparents.

Talk: Ji-hoon shares a light moment with the children.

Other celebrities included Yoori, beauty queen turned singer Ham So-won, Yoon Taek and boyband Supernova (Cho Shin Sung).

Lee Ji-hoon (29), who is also a singer, had dinner with the kids (and families) and later serenaded the crowd with Yoori.

Showtime: Ji-hoon (left) and Yoori hit the high notes together

Around 100 people were invited to the special event. However, since the show was an open concert thingy, the citizens of Gunsan had a blast as well.

Memories: Ham So-won (left) and Yoon Taek pose for the album

Thank you for coming!: The celebs say goodbye and goodnight!

Source: Newsen

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wawa said...

weeee...i love watching Lee Ji-Hoon in YAMD!!!! he playes Kim Taepoong very well....


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