Saturday, 18 October 2008

Korean pop star Rain introduces fashion brand SIX TO FIVE

Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) used to be called a "quadruple threat". He's a singer, actor, dancer AND model. Now, you can add entrepreneur to that list. After finishing his 5-year contract under JYP Entertainment and leaving mentor Park Jin Young (JYP), Rain set up his own entertainment company, J Tune Entertainment. Okay, we all know that story.

Now, J Tune Entertainment is also branching out and has a subsidiary company called J Tune Creative ( The 26 year old "World Star", is delving into one of his personal passions - the fashion industry.

Rain simultaneously makes his 5th album (Rainism) comeback (via the special MBC program Me.Rain.Dance) and showcases the 2009 Fall/Winter collection for his fashion brand "Six to Five". Actually Rain himself modeled the clothes. He wore this "Six to Five" (식스 투 파이브) ensemble during his tango performance with Kim Su-nah. Recognize it?

Image Hosted by
SIX TO FIVE F/W 2009: Rain wore this red
velvet jacket & jeans
ensemble at his comeback show.
The term J Tune Creative coined
for this look is "intelligent vintage style".

Lee Jong Mi, J Tune Creative's design team chief said, "The pieces Rain wore at his comeback performance are from the 2009 F/W collection. Street style and classic cuts are mixed to form an overall intelligent vintage style."

Rain in SIX TO FIVE F/W 2009 dances with Kim Sun-ah
in his 5th album comeback special

Would you wear SIX TO FIVE designs?


daisyj said...

Way to go Bi! Cukhahamnida! Korean fashion has just gone a notch up. Bi Hwaiting!

Anonymous said...


Irenelim said...

Wow... I wanna import that and put on my fashion website, huhuhuh. :)

Anonymous said...

Is this serious??? He looks like a cross between Ronald McDonald, and the Village People. Is there something about Rain we don't know????? (I'm just KIDDING)

Vic in Long Beach, running for the tall grass!

fraulein said...

His dress sense leaves much to be desired these days. Not feelin' that ensemble.

fraulein said...

I'd give it a second thought, minus the boots.

It looks like a Brokeback Mountain, wannabe gangster and hip hop R&B balladeer outfit rolled into one.

Anonymous said...

what's with the three stripes on the boots?? *cough*adidas*cough*

fraulein said...

Jay Chou wore similar garb for his new magician look.

If they can pull it off, why not?

Brian said...

I think only someone as tall as Rain (6 feet) can wear that outfit. If you are short and you wear all that, you would look like BOZO clown. My humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

I don´t want to see many men in this dorky outfits!

Anonymous said...

It's terribly brokeback. The boots need to go.

Valerie said...

i believe the three stripes is a trademark of ADIDAS. he could be the ringmaster at the local circus.

jicks said...

The boots have to go.

Otherwise, for a stage outfit, I think it works.

Where can overseas peeps get their hands on his fashion?

Sora said...

oppa hwaiting¬
You have my support!!x3

iRAIN said...

I really like the costume, maybe because Rain looks good in it. No idea if it's worn by non-celeb people.

Ricky said...

That is Bi . fashion leader.!

natalie said...

Even until today, this clothes are still on trend.....Wish to put on my site too... Online Boutique


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