Saturday, 18 October 2008

Lee Hana sings at the Grand Mint Festival 2008

Music & Lyrics: 'Wait, lemme think the lyrics
over for a bit.'

Women of the Sun actress Lee Hana (26) belts a tune at the Grand Mint Festival 2008 on Oct 18!

The event, which is held at the Seoul Olympic Park, runs from Oct 17 - 19.

Three stages have been set up at the venue and 62 acts are set to participate in the music extravaganza!

It's a jungle out there: Hana sings at a Forest Garden
filled with love

Performance: 'Hello Seoul...let me entertain you!'

Lee Hana is capable of carrying a tune -- not only did she study music in university, her Daddy is actually composer Lee Dae-hun.

Sing a song: Hana shows us what she's got

Source: Newsen

Lee Hana sustains injury while filming Women of the Sun



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