Friday, 10 October 2008

Rain's 5th album showcase - Me.Rain.Dance!

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Rain looked boyish as he woo-ed the
fans with new songs and new moves at
the 2-hour showcase concert

Last night, 10.10.2008 was Rain's coming out party (of sorts) for his 5th album, Rainism (레이니즘). Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) pre-recorded his showcase concert, performing to a 1,000 strong crowd at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi.

Why is this showcase concert so special?
  1. It is a closed door event. Only privileged fans get invited. They didn't announce how to get tickets, so i assume only those in Rain's mailing list would get a chance to go. Well, i am not on that list * sulk *

  2. A showcase concert is where you get to see and hear fresh NEW songs and dance moves (and not the stale material you see day in day out)

Okay, now that i've ranted, let's get on to what happened at Me.Rain.Dance! New dance moves, special guest stars and all...

Rain took to stage at 8pm and opened with the title track "Rainism". Ever versatile with his hairstyles, the Energizer Bunny was wearing his hair in a slightly layered bowl cut. It makes him look a bit boyish at certain angles, but a bit sissy-ish otherwise. Dressed in a black satin suit and a bandana tied around his waist Rain grooved to the new song, flanked by familiar back-up dancers.

Rain performs the new title track Rainism in his trademark dark sunglasses

Rain then sang the R&B ballad Love Song. I was hoping to hear that Ha Ji Won would make a special appearance at this point, but well, she did not. However, a special guest did join Rain on stage - Kim Suna (actress from My Lovely Samsoon) danced the tango with Bi!

Rain and Kim Suna dances the Tango

Miss Kim Suna has been practicing with Rain for 2 weeks prior to the performance. Here's what she has to say about her dance partner, "It's such an honor for me today to be able to share the stage together with Rain. The 2-week long rehearsal has given me such valuable memories. Rain is very graceful on stage, but off stage in the rehearsing studio he also gains my respect."

Besides Rainism and Love Story, two other new songs were introduced that night, namely Only You (a ballad) and Fresh Woman. Bi also performed old favourites such as Bad Guy, It's Raining, Touch Ya, Running Away from the Sun, I Do and Instead of Saying Goodbye at the 2-hour concert.

Rain on stage and laser lights rains down on him
(not water this time mind you)

By the way, did i mention that i wasn't at the concert. The above is brought to you via a fan account from CloudChina via It was reported that Rain's vocals has improved. Well, i wouldn't know about that, since i wasn't there! I would have been able to give a better review had i been invited. ;-) (Hint hint - organizers...Orchid wants to go!)

Rain Comeback Show - Me.Rain.Dance (비 컴백쇼-나.비.춤) will be broadcast on MBC on the 17th October, 10:50pm.

Pre-order Rain Vol. 5 - Rainism on YesAsia! for US$16.99.
Expected release date: October 17, 2008.

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Liz said...

Sounds like a really happening event. How on earth did the fans get tickets to the show? Too bad we weren't there.

iRAIN said...

Frankly I always envy Japanese fans, they always always always have their seats, no?

Is Cloud International opening a tiny space for me? Been trying to be a member since 2005, zero result.

Can't stop checking websites until Rainism is out!

clquek said...

I think only Official Clouds can go. Send them an email within that time etc. I'm a cloud, but too bad I'm still in high school! =(

The showcase looked good! Can't wait for it to be aired. Sadly its not KBS and we won't be able to watch it here in Malaysia.

Love Story is such a nice song! I am in love with the song! Can't wait to hear other hitz from the album!

Anonymous said...


Trying to be a member since 2005??
Rain has opened his official fanclub to overseas fans - TWICE. In 2006 and 2008. Maybe you didn't try hard enough.

iRAIN said...

I heard the news in 2005, so I sent emails to don't know JYPE or some websites, of course, no reply. In 2006, I tried like every morning, night,... the online registration thing, it's always error, some fans told me to try at 5 am, so I did once, still the same, when it's almost at the end of the process, it's error. Yes, maybe I was not trying hard enough as other fans who are able to do RAINing 24/7. My point: if we're fans, just accept us as members, we're willing to pay anyway, why there's such opening/closing dates etc?

Orchid said...

I've been to Rain's Official website, but to me, it's quite user unfriendly. Before they revamped the site, i was a member. After they revamped, i can't log in. And it is quite difficult to register (i remember). So i didn't try.

How much is it to become a Cloud? Is it a yearly fee? Anyone can tell us?

iRAIN said...

Yep, that happened to me too. After the website was officially launched, I can't log in, I've emailed AHABA, they said I registered for "... AHABA including Rain's minihompy. Not for RAIN's homepage..." Wwooshh, I went to the same address. Anyway, they should take care of the official website more, it's not updated daily or even monthly.

Forgot the annual fee for the CLOUD, it's reasonable price.

Liz said...

I didn't try that much. I can't remember if I was a member or not the last time. But yeah, the new revamped website is user unfriendly.


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