Friday, 10 October 2008

Moon Geun-young loves Mr. Pizza

Yummy!: Moon Geun-young is seen enjoying a slice of Mr. Pizza's
crab meat pizza

Moon Geun-young, who is also dubbed Korea's Little Sister, has grown up.

The 21-year-old shows off her shoulders and legs in a mini dress for her latest Mr. Pizza advertisement.

Ta-da: 'Try it, you might like it.'

The new ingredient in the pizza is crab meat, which explains the giant crab in the background.

The A Tale of Two Sisters actress will next appear in the SBS drama entitled Painter in the Wind where she portrays the well-known Joseon Dynasty painter Shin Yun-bok.

Saranghae!: Geun-young gets the crab behind
her to mimic her actions

Nonchalant: The crab hates being in the advert
since he'll only end up as an ingredient for the pizza

Source: Hankooki

Moon Geun-young builds library in Sydney


furnaces said...

Moon Geun Young is so cute! I love the picture where the crab behind mimics her movements.

Anonymous said...

She is still so incredibly cute and pretty! Love this girl! Great actress too!

Anonymous said...

With that figure, she doesn't love him very much!


Anonymous said...

she's starting to look a bit like kim min jung now (New Heart girl), in that dress.

crabmeat pizza? hmm is it imitation crab or the real stuff?

Anonymous said...

She's such a cutie pie! Still loving her! And she's still of the best korean actresses! She's gonna have a long life in this industry!

brendA. said...

omg I ate this pizza a few days ago!
The crust is sooo good.


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