Thursday, 23 October 2008

Sohn Tae Young sells make-up

Kwon Sang Woo's new wife, Sohn Tae Young has her own make-up line and it's called Biuret : Make-up Solution.

Biuret Lip Gloss cost 12000 KRW (USD 9)

You are able to create these looks with the make-up brand.
  • Sex and the City
  • Romantic Lovely
  • Girlish Sexy
  • Cute Love
  • Dramatic

Check out the looks here


k-popped lover said...

wow being the first of the first..yeay...
erm,well i think dat u guys need to work harder becoz i could see dat some of the latest featured news on ur blog are just not hot gossips anymore...i mean i've red it somewhere...i love 2 read ur blog bcoz of u guys' styles of,u guys r frenly too..but have to work hard a sorry if im just such a heart-braker...
watever it is,i still love u guys, ur stories,n ur blog...;)
juz work a little bit harder...
but no worries,as i know dat it's not an easy work n u guys have worked so hard just for us...
thank u sooo much~
heheh,jgn mrh r...huhu

Orchid said...

thanks for your advice! not angry.

Anonymous said...

Sex and The City, Romantic Lovely, and Girlish Sexy look like the same thing almost xD But I adore Dramatic. Very pretty.


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