Thursday, 23 October 2008

Rainism gets MBC's stamp of approval

Rain's 5th album title track "Rainism" was critized for having sexually explicit lyrics. Thus, the television station evaluated "Rainism" on the 22nd Oct at 11am and announced that MBC gives its stamp of approval.

MBC concluded that the lyrics are metaphorical and they will not take action. Broadcasting of Rainism MV and Rain's performances are allowed and they have no reason to ban it. MBC also added that "With regards to the portion of lyrics that was claimed to be sexually explicit, metaphors were used. It is up to the listener to interpret it. If such a thing would be disallowed, then it forbids the freedom of expression and imagination."

In the mean time, KBS will also review "Rainism". The case will be reviewed on the 23rd Oct at 2pm.


Anonymous said...

Of course MBC won't ban Rainism. They have spent too much money on Rain.

shinta said...

At least they're thinking..Rain is a tourist spot of Korea..And honestly, I wasn't digging the fuss about the sensuality of the lyrics..The dance is cool..his performances were great..couldn't ask for more! I'm very well satisfied with his songs..

Anonymous said...

What's a magic stick?

I don't like his song but his dance is pretty cool.

I wonder what his MV is implying? That Rain have taken over the world especially white peopel?


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