Friday, 10 October 2008

Why did Rain choose Kim Suna as his dance partner?

Many of you might be wondering about that very special guest who danced the tango with Rain at his 5th album showcase Me.Rain.Dance (on the 10.10.2008). Why did he choose Kim Sun-ah?

Four years ago, something memorable happened
to Rain on 10.10.2004
after he performed
on SBS Inkigayo comeback stage (It's Raining)

Rain is a sentimental guy. On the very same date four years ago (10.10.2004) when Bi performed at the SBS Inkigayo comeback stage for his It's Raining album, something happened to him. After the performance, when he went backstage, he got punked! His manager played a very memorable trick on him - well, both to him and Kim Suna.

Check out the hilarious video below.

I guess as a special tribute to the event, Rain decided to have Kim Su-nah on his comeback show ~ 4 years later.

To thank Kim Sun-ah for her support at his showcase, Rain surprised her on her birthday (1st October) with a birthday party at the dance studio when she arrived for their practice session. Rain also gave her a birthday present.

Kim Sun-ah at dance practice.
[Pic from Rain-Union]

They have both come a long way since they got PUNKED together. It's great to see them on stage, doing the tango together.

Rain and Kim Sun-ah in a video clip
shown at the Rainism showcase


iRAIN said...

Woowoo...good job! I didn't realize the dates until you wrote it! Yes, that prank was the funniest!

marianne said...

yep, i've watched it too! that was quite good. and i guess, Sun-ah dances really good thats why he chose her. :)

iRAIN said...

sigh, when can we have chance to see the showcase?

clquek said...

LOL! The prank was hilarious! KSA's reaction is so cute! LOL!

Anonymous said...

yes i laugh a lot with the prank (what sunny and rain said) hahaha i like the idea that they will be on stage together ^^ i can't wait for october 17 th

Liz said...

Ha ha really? That's a nice reason for performing together :-)

varms said...

I think they should date!♥
I mean, since they both have that kind of history... Kim Sun Ah looks so much thinner in pictures!! She always looks plump on tv but she's really quite skinny! Maybe it's because most Korean female celebs are toothpicks...

fraulein said...

KSA has become svelt again ; )

The heroine who got me started with all things Korean!

Dottie said...

@ fraulein ~ MNIKSS did the same for me!!! I was swept off my feet so completely and thoroughly!

She will always be one of my most favorite Korean actresses.


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