Monday, 17 November 2008

Beautiful Autumn sights in Seoul

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K-popped! Trio playing with autumn leaves near Yoido park, Seoul
From left: Rooster, Liz & Orchid

Although the K-popped! Trio are back from Seoul, we are still dreaming of our vacation. The color change in leaves during fall in Korea is simply breathtaking.

Experiencing the beautiful colours of autumn / fall in Korea is one of their travel selling points. Before leaving for my holiday, one of my friends asked me if i will be traveling to the outskirts of Seoul to see the autumn leaves. Well, you don't need to go to the outskirts to "experience autumn". It's just right there in the city!

We discovered beautiful autumn sights especially at Insadong, Yoido, Cheonggyecheon stream and Namsan park.

Here we share some autumn scenes with you...

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Trees along the streets of Insadong.
Experience beautiful autumn foliage while
shopping for souvenirs and eating street food at Insadong.

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Trees with leaves of warm
shades lining the streets of Insadong

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Walking along the pathway at one of Insadong's art buildings.
There you will find quirky
shops, cozy book cafes,
tea houses and many
wonderful ways to
spend a leisurely afternoon.

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Glorious yellow, green & red leaves at Yoido

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Walking along the streets of Yoido.
This is the place where KBS, MBC and SBS buildings are
located and where all the music show recordings take place.

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Take a break and sit along the walkway at Yoido

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Rooster tells us the redder the leaves, the more sugar it contains.

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Autumn in our hearts...

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Red leaves along the pathway at Cheonggyecheon stream

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Even wild grass look beautiful!
Wild grass growing by Cheonggyecheon Stream

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Birds eye view of Seoul from the top of N Seoul Tower.
Check out the beautiful autumn foliage.


sasjo said...

Great shots! Those autumn colours make Seoul look so warm and inviting...

esmond said...

who is the camera man/lady
really nice picture

xepik said...

omg, so pretty 8)
i miss seoul now
hope you guys had a great time there

Amelia said...

The photos you three took were gorgeous. Seoul really is beautiful during this time of year. It reminds me of home so much.

Lisa said...

so nice!!!!!!

Evelyn said...

amazing pictures! I've been in Korea for the past two months but I haven't seen anything as beautiful as ur pics lol...that is...kind of sad -___-;; are you guys in Korea to stay? or vacation?

Liz said...

Hi evelyn, it was a vacation. We are back in hot and humid Malaysia :-).

RKQS12 said...

So pretty~

I wish I could go to Seoul. Someday~ Maybe next summer for study abroad.

g0hy|3 said...

The pictures are so nice!! When I was there in Sept, everything was so green... How I wish I go to Korea when it is like in the pictures....

Looking forward to more post on the Korea Trip

Orchidyaldix said...

Oh my....the pictures are just gorgeous....the colors are just's totally a beautiful autumn in Seoul :)
I'm u girls had fun there :)

MisSmall said...

Aww those are gorgeous! I miss the beautiful foliage of autumn! It's truly one of the most romantic seasons, isn't it? :)

Anonymous said...

i love how you take pictures! its so beutiful!!

kate said...

good to see you back...nice long did you guys stay in Korea?

Anonymous said...

You gals are so cute! I'm encouraged that you're interested in Korean pop culture! Not to mention that you're providing me here in the U.S. with updated Korean entertainment updates--terima kasih. Keep it up girls! - an 'unni' in the U.S.

jehan kim said...

oh, that's nice. i only just arrived here (incheon city) last oct.18 and i'm still enjoying the best of autumn as almost all the tree leaves are falling off already... my husband and i waited 4 months for us to be together again and we spent the last 4 weeks traveling to countrysides to also enjoy autumn, it's his favorite season... i'm also encouraging my family and friends to better come here next autumn... for me, it's also the best time to come see korea...

|| Lyññ || said...

gosh! I love the last pic!! It's soooo beautiful!
but then, I would love to go to Korea during winter... this poor reader hasn't seen REAL snow before... and my middle name is SNOW! serious!

Korea is my next on my wishlist! thx to the low MAS fares, it might even come true!!
thx for the wonderful pics!

valmylove said...

wow...more pics... i love the fall colors in fall... cross fingers to go ther during the fall season than!! which ever was the photogrpaher is awesome!!!

more please!!


Ailee said...

great pics!!! love the beautiful scenes..unnies so pretty..
hmm..may i ask unnies, the total of RM when you travelling to Seoul? the accomondation, bus fares, train or flight tickets. bcoz i'm planning to go to korea next year, so, i need a budget. can you tell me? please...

Susie Shin said...

you guys are so cute...I think I prefer you guys over popseoul...

siyi said...

Hey your pictures are really awesome!!! ^^
Just wondering what camera do you use? LOL~

Anyway keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading your posts on your trip to Seoul! :)

Orchid said...

Hi Ailee,

You need at least RM6,000 for the trip. We went when the Korean Won exchange rate dropped so that was good. It's still low now.

RM2000 - air ticket
RM2000 - accommodation (you can share with another person)
RM2000 transport/food/shopping

About that i guess. You can select cheaper accommodation like guest houses too.

But if you go on a tour, you can get all that for less than RM3000. Hotel, food & transport all included. But you will have to follow the tour schedule and won't be able to wonder around on your own. Unless you find a "free and easy" tour package. You can wait for one of the travel fairs and check out what they have to offer.

@siyi ~ all photos taken by Rooster & Orchid. We use Canon (Rooster) & Nikon (Orchid) DSLRs. =)

Thanks...glad you all like the photos!

Ailee said...

wow...okay..thanks Orchid unnie..
hmm...Does Korean Won exchange rate dropped on certain seasons?

cyndy said...

Wow great vacation.. You girls made me want to go Korea again.. It's really so beautiful..Day dreaming again..haha

Joe said...

These posts make me feel like a foreign visitor to Korea.. I wanna visit Korea too.. lol

Orchid said...

Hi're back! hahaha...missed hearing from you. Too bad you were not with us when we were there. =)

Rooster said...

@ Ailee: You'll have to check the exchange rates from time to time. Right now the Korean economy is not doing well, which is good for travelers like us. ;p

humairah said...

wowowwowowowowow! the autumn leaves are really really pretty! and awesome pics there! :)

rEbEcca said...

i missed korea now so badly! plan to go back next spring! oh btw, do u girls know the exact address of MBC,KBS,SBS,MNET and the performing time / day in korea?

thanks! ^.^


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