Monday, 17 November 2008

Tears at the Mnet KM Music Festival 2008

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Korean entertainment may not be as glamorous as it seems. It's a high pressure job - being an entertainer, striving to get to the top or even keeping one's position at the top. In the music scene much competition lies between the giants of the industry, namely SM, JYP and YG entertainment companies. So you can imagine how relieved it would be to win an award, especially a prestigious one at the Mnet KM Music Festival 2008.

Much tears were shed and here's a peek at the award winners.

JYP Entertainment's Wonder Girls were moved to tears as
they bagged the "Song of the Year" award for Nobody

SM's top boyband Dong Bang Shin Ki's
Max Changmin shedding tears of joy

DBSK accepting their award for "Album of the Year"


xepik said...

they totally deserve those awards after all their hard work this year (:

Orchidyaldix said...

Both groups are very talented and they totally deserved those awards and even more...all the effort and sacrifices...they're all worth it :)
Congrats DBSK and WG!!!!!

Anonymous said...

can u tell me where shud i go to korea? bcoz im going there this dec. w'out tourist guide.

Orchid said...

Hi anonymous,

Go to the nearest KTO (Korea Tourist Organization) and grab a few booklets and maps on Korea. The booklets will help you a lot!

Also, go to this entry to read on our readers' recommendations.

Enjoy your trip!

miamihero said...

yeahhh go dbsk!! cassiopeia to support you forever!! Wonder girls fighting!


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