Thursday, 13 November 2008

BoA sexes it up for America

Legs: 'Yeah, I've got ' I flaunt 'em.'

BoA, who turned 22 on Nov 5, adopts a sexier image in her venture into the American market.

The Eat You Up singer is already reaching out to fans through her official and MySpace websites. Also, a Facebook account will be coming soon.

Do you think BoA will do well in the States? Eat You Up isn't that great a's just so-so.

Notti, notti: BoA works the high heels
and garter belt....

Source: Hankooki


yin said...

hope she has been doing well .
i do kinda like Eat You Up.
not just as a fan . ^^"
a listener . though the lyrics..
are alil . == senseless .
oh well . BoA jjang !

fraulein said...

never knew her legs were that long!

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

She's been here at least twice that I know of. (Our KMF) She is totally HOT! Wowow!

me said...

i actualy liked eat you up so much. but better watch the MV for korean rather than MV for US. she really dance well in the koreanversion MV. i really amazed with her dance. dunno what they called. not hip hop and not break dance. but it was just brilliant!

me said...

sorry, i mean like* :P

Anonymous said...

I love the song Eat You Up but the video.... Y-Y With that video, I don't think she'll do well but best of luck, BoA!

RKQS12 said...

I like BoA but I honestly think America won't care at least the people who aren't K-pop fan won't. I live in California and haven't heard anything of her or seen anything of her other than what I see on K-pop sites. :\

Anonymous said...

i know these korean artists really work hard - but so do american artists. it'd be hard to promote something when you can't even talk the language of the people you're promoting to. i wish her well - i wish they gave this move more thought though... it doesn't look so well thought out - ll/ll has come and gone - and the launch didn't even cause a bleep.

Anonymous said...

if you watch her english interview on youtube (check out sidewalk interview with boa).. you can definitely see that she has decent english skills.. at least much better than se7en or rain.


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