Thursday, 13 November 2008

Pepero Day is celebrated on 11.11

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Pepero Day gifts on sale in Seoul

Pepero Day falls on 11th November in South Korea. The date was chosen because 11.11 resembles Pepero sticks.

What is Pepero (뺴빼로)? It's the much loved chocolate coated biscuit stick snack that Koreans (and i am sure all of us, all around the world) love. I was first introduced to this snack way back when i was a kid and back then, i knew it as "Rocky". Remember the tagline? "Rocky really satisfies!"

In Japan, it is known as "Pocky".

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Pepero Day banner at a 7-Eleven outlet at Dongdaemun, Seoul

Anyway, the Koreans are really romantic and very relationship oriented. They love to celebrate love. So i guess Pepero day was created to show love to your loved ones. Also, this day really benefits the manufacturer of Pepero in Korea (which is Lotte). Sales for Pepero increases tremendously in November.

It's just like Valentine's day where you buy and give chocs or candy or especially Pepero to your loved ones.

It was our last day in the city of Seoul on 11.11 and on that day (and the days leading up to Pepero Day), you will see lots of shops and even stalls in the subway, selling Pepero. Most of them beautifully packaged for you to give to your loved ones. Some even come with a teddy bear or soft toy.

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Pepero everywhere! Giant pepero on
sale at a subway station in Seoul

You will also see couples carrying huge Pepero gift packages. The guy would have probably given it to their girlfriends. It's so romantic!

On Pepero Day, i was at a bank and on the desk of the customer service bank officer was a tall glass filled with Pepero sticks! We also bought some cosmetics from Missha and to our surprise, they included a box of Pepero with our purchase! It was such a pleasant surprise....

That's the spirit of Pepero Day in Korea!

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We received a box of Pepero for free when we purchased
items at a cosmetics outlet on Pepero Day!

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Pretty candy for Pepero Day gifts


Liz said...

oh wow!
I never knew Pepero Day existed! How cute!! I love the holiday idea. :) And how cool, I grew up with Pocky - I didn't know it was such a big deal in Korea. Great article for us non-korean readers lol!

missironic said...

I want somebody to give me Pepero too! Hahaha..looks like u guys have so much fun in Korea! I wish I can get to go there soon too! Counting the time i'll be able to..probably in few yrs time! :P

daisyjane said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Gosh i wish i could celebrate Pepero Day too!

fraulein said...

Ditto, Liz. I never knew too. And I was so amused by the idea that there's a day set aside for it. Well, it's another way to cash in for Lotte, so why not?
Wow, talk about being commercialised.
I still havent got my Pepero fix.

MiShi_Ka said...

the packaging is sooo cute!! n the guys there are really proud when they carry big gifts of pepero for their girlfriend...i don't think Malaysian guys would feel/do the same...urgh... no offense...

Anonymous said...

pocky is not the japanese "version" of pepero, pepero is the korean copy product of pocky.

Anonymous said...

I will be going to Seoul soon and I need to get the troom bear for my sis. The same bear that was featured in the first picture.Please advise the location of the shop.Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

anonymous.. u know pocky and pepero are made by the same company LOTTE..right?? so LOTTE is copying LOTTE..??? please do ur research.. and LOTTE is owned by a korean who moved to japan to start his business n moved bak to korea to create a chain.. although now they have become seperate. ... look it up.


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