Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Choi Ji-woo braves the cold on the Red Carpet

Choi Ji Woo arrives alone on the Red Carpet

Choi Ji Woo arrived at 11pm on the 24th November at Rainbow Theatre, Seoul dressed in a flimsy gown on a chilly autumn night. Ji-woo was attending an awards ceremony and photographers clicked away as she walked down the Red Carpet.

The photogs love her!

200 of Ji-woo's fan club members were there to greet her.
Other than domestic fans, fans from Japan, Hong Kong,
Taiwan and other Southeast Asian fans were there.
Some even came from Europe.

I don't understand how celebrities can dress so skimpily during autumn. How do they stand the cold?
She doesn't look like she's freezing in those photos. Do they drink a whole lot of Korean Ginseng to keep warm before attempting such a feat? Oh someone please tell!

The next day, Choi Ji Woo appeared at the production press conference of her new drama, A Star's Lover. The top actress will be staring in the new SBS drama alongside Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Ki Woo. Cha Ye-ryun (Bad Love) will also be in the cast. A Star's Lover will start airing on 10th December.

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Anonymous said...

i don't even know who she is...?

|| Lyññ || said...

ah?? She's so famous... She's the lead star in Winter Sonata... She's also the lead star in Stairway to Heaven... Not only that, she stared in Rondo opposite a japanese actor (Yutaka)... =)

Nice pics! I was also wondering the same thing... HOW CAN THEY STAND THE COLD???

scott said...

autumn is adjustment time for koreans for the coming winter cold. when you walk the streets of korea in this autumn's peak coldness, you see women still wearing office skirts or school skirt uniforms or short pants and they just top their upper clothes with real thick jackets... many here really brave the cold or dont even care at all if it's cold just to still look good or fashionable.

jehan said...

for countries like Korea, they have well made fabrics that may look flimsy or really thin but they actually function as thermal or insulators retaining body heat... but i also dont know if they use those kinds of fabric with the gowns... kkkk....

Anonymous said...

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