Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Paran's Malaysia concert cancelled

The deal between Paran's managing company NH Media and local organisers, Pop Rainbow fell through, folks. This means Paran's Nov 30 concert in Malaysia has been cancelled.

What's that you're feeling? Yes, fellow Malaysians, that's called deja vu.

Ain't coming: Paran will not be holding a concert in Malaysia
on Nov 30

After this year's FT Island concert fiasco, we have another K-pop act cancellation - although not as dramatic.

Bad news for Malaysian K-pop fans, huh? The reason given by NH Media is that the local organisers were not professional enough in organising the event.

In a press statement, NH Media wrote: "The organiers have failed to pay the deposit of the concert and they also did not sign the contract document we provided them so the contract has become void."

Bottom line, Paran's managing team ain't happy with the local organisers. Thus no Paran, no U-Kiss.

No show, too: U-Kiss, who are the guest performers for Paran's concert,
would not be coming too.

Is this a wake-up call for local organisers to buck up?

Concerts in Thailand and Vietnam usually go on without such a dramatic turn of events, so why did the two K-pop concerts in Malaysia fail to take off?

Will Malaysia ever get another K-pop act to stage a show?

Source: K-popped! reader Lee Minji with translations by Joe Gimm

Paran in Malaysia on Nov 30 (not any more)


sarah said...

woah that is truly bad news for us in malaysia -_-;; ..i dont know which is worse, the ft island incident or this one..because the difference is ft island one, as dramatic as it is..they boys STILL arrive in malaysia safely and go on doing fan service stuffs before the major cancellation meaning that the organiser was doing something right at least (other than not giving me my money back!) but this one, the management stated 'not professional enough in organising the event' ..sigh -_-..maybe kpopped can ask organiser their side of the story?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank god Kpop concert came true but its really heartbreaking for the korean lovers they should do something really to make the malaysian have a taste of their own kpop artiste sheesh i hate when concerts are cancel!

Arin said...

but the organiser just said that the concert is postponed, not canceled. idk.

anyway, well.. how to say this.
let's see. most of the concerts that ends up successfully here so far are from Western artists.
They got a lot of sponsors and experienced organizers to bring them here.
But with K-pop, let's see....
Not many companies are willing to sponsor and organize k-pop concerts. Other than that, the media themselves doesn't really give support in promoting the concert! Not that I want to defend the organizers so much, but they've tried at least. Sometimes we as fans have to help support too, and not just that, we have to try to make K-pop to be a little bit more famous and becomes a trend in Malaysia to make the Korean companies interested in sending their artists here.. We also have to try to create a hype and convince the media and some companies to support K-pop events here. Sorry, I'm not good with words, hope you can understand what I am trying to convey here. sorry again, heh.

Rain is a special case though.
You can consider him as a world star instead of a k-star.
He got famous through 'Full House' I think. And his concert was heavily promoted on TV and radio, even on Malay and English programs and newspaper! He's an exception. Even now we can see his Love Story MV on Channel [V] Countdown, ranking in TOP 10 alongside other western artists.

YeinJee said...

I think the organiser has overestimated the influence of K-pop in Malaysia.

It's undoubted that K-pop is picking up in popularity, but that doesn't mean that Malaysian fans are ready to spend hundreds of RM for every act.

Bring in the likes of Big Bang or Wonder Girls... and we might get close to a full house.

But Paran? Sorry, with those ticket price (which is more expensive than Avril Lavigne's) I doubt they could sell 50% of the tickets.

sarah said...

the official english version of the cancellation message that nhmedia just put up a while ago:
Greetings from NHmedia management, how are you all?

First of all, whenever our company arranges any concert in any foreign countries, please do kindly check for further information at our NH Media’s official website.

It is due to the fact that, some of the concerts in the foreign countries were arranged illegally or not according to our company’s policies. And sometimes even our company in Korea did not know how they were being arranged.

The cancellation of the Paran + U-Kiss concerts in Malaysia was due to the non-trustable and disorganized arrangements, thus disabled the concerts to continue.

Our Press Conferences on the 5th Nov 08 Wed was being cancelled and NHmedia was notified on the same day only. Therefore, we apologize for not being able to inform all of you on the 5th Nov 08.

The communications between two companies – NHmedia and the foreign countries – for all the concerts arrangements are utmost important.

As according to our interpreters that acted as the bridge between the two companies, they had tried to visit and contact the local promoting company in Malaysia, but the person who was responsible was not available there.

Every time, they had given the same excuses of putting all the blames to NHmedia. Until the date, two interpreters were changed, and now, no more interpreter is available to give assistance for this work.

As an experienced company that had arranged many foreign concerts before, we are very disappointed and upset about this incident.

The homepage of the local promoters in Malaysia has been selling tickets and CD’s through the internet.
We advise to those who had already purchased such, should immediately contact the local promoters in Malaysia, and wish to make clear that NHmedia was not involved in these transactions.

We apologize for the cancellation of Paran + U-Kiss Concert on the 28th Nov 2008 in Malaysia.
NHmedia promises that we will try our best to arrange more outstanding and proper concerts in the near future.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
NHmedia, Korea

credits: u-kiss.co.kr


god this is so embarassing >.<..i mean ..god! so embarassing ! the organiser is being so unprofessional and i bet nh media is telling everybody about it! now no one will come ever again T_T

Liz said...

@ Arin, the press release by NH Media stated that the concert is cancelled, not postponed. They did mention that specifically.

*fizzy* said...

this is so embarrassing! i agree fully with sarah.
well, i just hope that things will be better in the future.
and hopefully, this incident will be the last.

so sad..even though i'm not a Paran or U-Kiss fan, but i'm a Hallyu fan nontheless!
the fact that there are korean entertainers coming here excites me already.

*fizzy* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i so knew this would happen...
esp with the concert venue being the same as ft island.( i was there =[ )
third time's a charm..this so better not happen again!!
i feel for the fans that were looking forward to this concert..gosh,this is really bad publicity..no one would wanna come here now. :(

Shira said...

wow.dejavu.yeah,thats the right word.
eventhough i'm not going but i feel bad for paran's fans (and u-kiss too)
i realised that many things got cancelled in the end this year...
we dont know who we should blame,but this is surprising and of course,embarrassing.. ):

Heaven Fragrance said...

ommy...what happen really? It's just too bad FT Island didn't come, and it's getting worse with the Paran+U-Kiss incident. With what NHMedia had been telling to the public, I'm so so afraid that the other Korean celebs are not coming!!! Oh, gosh....

Please don't let another turn downs happen. I'm expecting Super Junior to come~ T_T *A dying squeals of an ELF*

Maybe K-popped would ask the organizer's side of story?

AozoraXoxO said...

omyyyygoooshhhh yyyyy oh yyyyyy!!!! ahhh now there's nobody from kpop who wants to cum to msia, man that sucks. and i toootally just DIED when ftisland left i seriously did. omygosh. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

*fizzy* said...

let's all hope that it doesn't happen again.
this is really pissing me off..
shows that we are not pro enough to handle international artists.

on the contrary, indonesian artists are always here making concerts or gigs.
it's time those organizers or sponsors realize that HALLYU WAVE is THE thing now..

@heaven fragrance, perhaps ELFs should just organize SuJu concert themselves..
the love for them will overcome any obstacles faced.
;) cheers!

Anonymous said...

looks like what i've expected came true!!i hope this time those who bought the tickets or album can get their full refund!!!

sad about another cancelation..hope that this "incident" wont bring any more bad image of malaysia to the korean managements n artiste..!!!!

Liz said...

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for pasting the official English version of the cancellation notice here!

How come NH Media mentions that the concert date is Nov 28? Wasn't it set for Nov 30? You mean the two parties even had different concert dates? Man, talk about miscommunication!

wawa said...

gosh... another cancellation!
i think RAIN's concert that really get attention through out malaysia!

Dottie said...

First of all, let me state first that I am Malaysian and there really is only ONE reason why this happened.

My country sucks.

Now before you throw a fit of patriotism, allow me to elaborate.

The majority of the professional population is unfortunately imbued with--"unprofessionalism".

Western artists/big names make it here is because they usually employ their own 'trusted' contacts/organizers/ crew/staff. This means they do not heavily rely on locals to ensure the success of their shows.

Rain and TVXQ usually have 30 to 50 crew members arriving 3 to 5 days earlier to set up everything. On the promotional front, they only use reliable Korean names such as LG and Samsung. Of course they have the luxury of enjoying all the MNC benefits because they're big names.

But less (as in that particular country) popular acts unfortunately work with less prominent establishments and no thanks to the 'cincai' attitude of Malaysians in general ~ this is happening again.

My heart goes out to Paran and U-Kiss fans. I am going to SM Concert in Bangkok this weekend but now things are looking darn bleak so I feel for you.

poprainbow said...

Poprainbow invite you to log on to http://forum.poprainbow.net

dont judge just at one side.

you can bomb all your questions there too.. they are willingly to answer you..

cindy said...

arin... its true... the organizer already do their best... i dont think its totaly the organizer fault... we should knew that it hard to handle Korean artist and their management... event rain, tvxq also have problem here before.. nobody know this happen behind.. all their knew their artist come here to do show... did somebody knew that rain concert almost cancel 2 hours before the show? due to the argument between local and Korean management....? why don't we visit the forum and get clarified from the organizer..we cant listen to one side ... everybody knew Korean artist is very demanding ... (Taiwan artist is much batter down to earth ^^ ) so there must be something we missing here...i don't want to say who's fault but i think its batter we get both party information... im also one of ticket buyer ... but i think i cant blame one side simply.... be rational...

depressed sarah said...

i'm sorry poprainbow but i'm afraid that i did not agree with the excuses/reason/defence given by your side.

i understand that the reason of the cancellation if low sales, but excuse me isnt that your responsibility to promote it? i did not see any promotion at all in any media (as arin say, no media support..but isnt that YOUR JOB to convince the media or buy the advertisement space or whatever?), in regard to sponsor backing out, isnt that YOUR JOB to convince the management as well or discuss with artist side or whatever organizer do?..just that the classy way and admit that its money problem instead of fighting online. this is so saddening that both side is fighting and the reason given by malaysian side is unprofessional. rather than talking in unprofessional manner (and in malay too! ranting style!), do a press release >.<

reading those randon rants on english and malay just stress how unprofessional you are .

sorry for the emo text..i'm depressed at smcon might be canceled! >.<

|| Lyññ || said...

gosh! not again!! this is really sad... I had a feeling that this would happen...

I heard that NHMedia was causing a lot of trouble and wanted a HUGE sum of money for this concert... Just look at the ticket prices!! They were seriously expensive..

Well... hopefully everyone will get their money back...

Tina said...

Yes Pop Rainbow, give the media an official press release to work with instead of ranting in a closed door forum. So unprofessional one.

hanang. said...

this is bad
wat if the others wont come becoz of diss?

Anonymous said...

First and foremost organising entertainment with great success is not an easy task but one of the excuse given blaming it on the venue being an FT Island venue is unprofessional and trying to put the blame on others.

As an organiser who should be able to think rationally would not in the 1st place choose the same the venue if they think FT island issue would have an impact on their sales of tickets. Then why do you choose the venue and now blames it on the FT Island issue.

sarah vs sarah said...

to depressed sarah;
how to do press conference if malaysian press lazy to got for press conference... mostly its very few press will come to the press conference.All they want the press release in their table. i dont think poprainbow is unpro coz they already announce in their web... and i dont think u buy the tix... so why u so care? maybe u from ci entertainment who like to trow all your shit to other too... haha.. please think before do statement... poprainbow even invite us for gathering to clarified everything last Saturday... so just keep shut up!! anyway poprainbow we still support u... coz we knew poprainbow doesnt want this happen... we event meet poprainbower to discuss and help to promote the concert... about the venue.. actually is nothing much effected... just stupid people think that place got problem... just becoz of Ft island... its jus the venue ...not the curse ot watever silly thing in your mind... why Malasyian like this? never open to the situation.. it just teh venue... why need to related the past to the upcomming event... im so shy to be Malaysian.. all of u just knew how to balme otehr? did u buy the tix? did u help them to promote? did u help them to find sponsor? NO!! so jus shut up! i knew its hard to get sponsor but at least poprainbower try to make kpop concert in Malaysia.. so just shut up!!

kpopluver said...

Hello, I have read both NH and poprainbow side and i am soo dissapointed with poprainbow.

1st, You din even specified who is the sponsor, you din promote it wisely, your venue really damn far!! and you are really unprofessionally.

2nd, your forum mention on Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korea entertainment but you are using BM?!!! Oh my god, so you are expecting only those understand BM to join your forum only.. (you sound selfish here)

3rd, Rummors being spread out that your team is also work with CI Entertainment before. No wonder your sales really that bad. B'cos CI Ent really hurt most of the fans here. (SOme of the fans didn't get their money back yet)

4th, most of the poprainbow team did join kpopkingdom before and you know how the kpopkingdom staff do their job as an organisor. For example take a look on TVXQ and Rain and including THE CROSS.

Yeah, TVXQ and Rain bring their own crew come but who help them? CMG did. So did poprainbow seek help from CMG or Galaxy? I don't think so.

Poprainbow is a new organisation, you still need to seek help from those who has experience doing this kind of event.

5th, with the current economy crisis, do you think the parents allow their children to spend that much? If you really think that, then you are really childish, selfish and unmature. You never think of the Markets

6th, You even set up a poll to made ppl believe that you can bring SMTOWN concert? Geez, i regret for believing it.

Lastly, to all the kpop fans out there, we might get dissapointed on FT and Paran's concert but it doesn't mean that our Malaysia names is black listed.

We must be wise enough next time if there is another concert upcoming. Check properly on the organisor. Those without promo and without sponsor cannot be trust.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with u sarah vs sarah... why should blame other people if u never do anything.... u never know how hardworking are they to make this concert... u just knew how to talk cock! if u very good then organize ur own concert!! its require a lots of money and time...so im totaly disagree for those blame the organizer .... if u want kpop concert come true.. everybody must work together ...not to blame each other!! dont be Malay-sia... its mean Malaysia is useless... talk alot and point all the blame to other in fact yourself nv do anything!!

sallyschen said...

kpopluver .. are u ci entertainemnt people? i think u are and why u say poprainbow is with with ci ent.... u are such idiot... even if u really go to poprainbow forum u see how they fight with ci people who try to do bad rumor about them .. if u dont trust them just get out... nobody want u in the forum... we still support them... and why tehyc ant talk in BM coz we are malaysia... out mother language. event Thai forum will talk in tahi language.... so batter get OUT FROM THIS COUNTRY!!

Yoshi said...

poprainbow is not a professional organizer. they can't even hold a 'decent' press conferance. the MC for the press con don't even know the details of the concert/fansign/showcase and the way she talk, was not professional at all. This is their first time organize such event. I don't know what kind of crap they said or their interpreter told the other party, but one thing for sure is that they can't handle such event yet. And who in their right mind want to spend so much money for unknown artist? To poprainbow please do your research first. And promote your event! If you want it to happen. Don't blame that people didnt buy your ticket when they don't even know such event exist. adios~

Anonymous said...

People involved in kpop entertainment (in English) in Malaysia is small. Everyone knows each other irrespective if they are Kpop Kingdom, CI or Pop rainbow. CI ppl are also splinters of Kpop Kingdom. Pop rainbow are also former forummers of kpopkingdom who has also decided to branch out on their own. All of them contact the same media and words goes around among each other.

Fans will usually not know what's going on behind the scene.

My 2 cents worth

sarah said...

i dont understand why everytime we are pointing out the right point or say something slightly negative towards this organizer their supporter will immediately bash us back and accuse us from ci entertainment. For your record, i am absolutely NOT from that company i am just as fan like you guys. and for your record too, they havent give me my money back! *curse them*

and do u know why i am not going to paran concert ? cuz i am going to sm con !

please think before accusing others. if you read my point with an open mind you will know what i am saying is correct. its supporter like you that is bringing this company down for god sakes.

and leave ci entertainment out of this. everybody knows they run off with our money *curse them again*..this is a whole new issue together. you all keep on accusing whoever being negative as ci entertainment people. i bet they are too busy shopping to even care about poprainbow.

Anonymous said...

wah!!!! here is very chaotics!!!

i am confuse here. is the concert cancel or postpone?

can anyone tellme?

Anonymous said...

sara... pls look back what u wrote..... i m also confuse here what are u try to say...

sarah said...

haih if you are confused then forget it. i'm lazy to argue with anonymous person. leaving this post. bye people.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with kpopluver. If you want things done, you must know the correct way to do it, not with the tidak apa/apa saja attitude.Lack of professionalism and promotion also hinder the whole thing. There's simply no news for the public except if you know where to find it in the net. Also since the organizer is new in this field, they should co organize it with the pro, not t be so fatheaded and think they know all!
Luckily,the lady from the shop in Berjaya Times Square didn't insisit that I leave the $ to order the tixs or else I'll end up having some hard time getting back my $.

joy said...

Sigh,why don't they just go to the organisers who organised both dbsk's concert >.<

Anonymous said...

i just cant understand.. why dbsk can did concert here TWICE.. but other korean artist cant make eve once..

snow said...

To Yoshi,

are u there at the presscon? tell me how many media came & how many fans came? and what free gift are given on that day?

i'm one of the fans there.

Anonymous said...

hmm, I was thinking of going. Thank God I change my mind. But it is really sad that other Kpop artist can't make it here. I think one of the reason DBSK can make it is because the fans themselves become the sponsor. I still hope other Kpop artist will come. I am such a huge fan of Kpop.

anarkyst said...

whichever sides, it all leads back to PROPER MANAGEMENT. too many 'green' companies trying to make it big without detailed planning. why aren't there any trustworthy groups like CMG holding any concert anymore? bring them back!

anonymouse said...

LOL!!! Joy, the reason why companies like them DON'T bring in artistes like these, is because they don't see it as worth it. Heck, do you guys even know that SJ has been striked off their list (hence no SJ Show here boo hoo) is coz they were too darn expensive. Go figure.

yin said...

again . gaaaawd. it sucks ALOT . giving a bad impression . and lower chances of other korean artists to come . PLEASE NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO SUPER JUNIOR'S CONCERT !!! (guess their 1st Asia Tour to here dragged on so long is cus ...... == )I HATE LOCAL ORGANISERS !

varms said...

Really ridiculous, not again... I'm not sure who's to blame but they are expectin a miracle if they expect fans to fork out that much for a relatively unpopular group (in malaysia).
Don't get me wrong, I love my country but sometimes it exasperates me, especially when they do things like, 'Avril's too sexy!' and 'Yoga is evil!'
It's just too bad though that the organizers don't seem to be real kpop fans.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is not sucks just bcoz paran's concert got cancelled. the one who really sucks here is Pop Rainbow.

why? because all of their staff are Malay girls and Chinese gay boys. and they are like 17-23 years of age. the oldest one is almost 30 like that. but most of them got no experience in organising this kind of stuff before.

do, if u want to trust them to organise a big concert, then that's a big NO NO because they are not good at it. they all only know how to go stalk their favorite artistes when they come to Malaysia.

so, please stop supporting pop rainbow. because the reality is, they only support cute kpop guys. but not 100% kpop or any other asian musics.

ronaldo said...

itu la. kan dah padan muka. dulu mengata orang. skarang dah kena kat batang hidung sendiri. baru la nak mula tunding2 jari kat kpop kingdom la, kat ci entertainment la, kat JYP la, kat SM la. diorang semua tu takde kena mengena dgn benda ni lagi.

wahai orang pop rainbow. jgn la ckp yang bukan2 lagi. kalau dah tau salah sendiri. korang tanggung lah sendiri. ape? korang ingat korang lagi bagus daripada CI sebab korang tak bawak lari duit orang lain? ape kes? bukannya ramai orang yang beli tiket paran pun. buat ape korang nak lari?

pastu korang nak ajak gaduh? gaduh buat ape? korang ingat orang lain semua senang sangat nak gi register kat forum bodoh korang tu pastu bergaduh kat sana?

kalau salah sendiri. pandai2 mengaku aje la. tak payah la nak tuduh2 orang tak nak beli tiket la, sambutan tak menggalakkan la, sebab FT cancel, sebab tu orang tak nak pegi tengok paran la, semua tu dusta semata-mata ok?

kerana yang sebenarya adalah, pop rainbow tu yang tak pandai nak organise apa2 pun. cakap English pun tunggang langgang. ade hati nak organise concert paran konon. piiirahh!!!

jacA said...

bOO!! i actually won the tickets and now i can't go >_______>

Anonymous said...

if the show is still on, i would still not go to the concert... not because i could not afford..cause...i got work...bummer T__T

ci entertainment and pop rainbow...i won't blame them. there's no way we could compare them with cmg or even pineapple concerts... those are experienced event organizers...

let's give them a break...honestly...since ci and pop rainbow are new organizers...of course we would know for a fact that they are lack of experience. them being in kpopkingdom before doesn't mean that they are experience in this sort of stuff..
(please don't judge this wrongly...i'm saying this is a good way)...

there will be hiccups along the way....that's how ppl learn and move on.

word of advise to pop rainbow or ci entertainment (if you're still in the business)...

1. build up your portfolio....you need lots of credentials to bring in a major superstars in...whether be it international act or k/j pop act. start small...maybe with local / around the s.e.a artist

2. dont rush things...do up things 1 at a time....to do a big scale concert here in malaysia especially involves k-popped wave...chances are always 70% - 30% that it may or may not be successful. do lots of research...if not confident do large scale concert, then do a low scale concert...e.g intimate session with big bang @ kl pac for 1000 fans; based on first come first serve basis. easier for you to keep track and the amount of stress would definitely be half from organizing large scale event. planning is important...so take your time..

3. a&p is the core...not enough promotions??? then create more...if you have contacts in radio/publising/advertising/broadcast stations....make full used of them..post articles on magazine....a column maybe in a magazine or something....run a low budget ad on tv...try getting sponsorship from broadcast station, maybe that would help to run ads on tv....trust me....running a 30 sec spot on tv for at least 2 weeks...that would gonna cost more than 25k....so try sponsorship from broadcast station....

4. seek for advise/help from the professionals.. i'm sure they wouldn't mind helping....and not to forget the fans too

this is just my 2 cents worth... i'm sorry if i offended you guys..or making you angry....i have no ill intention of bad mouthing anybody... just wanting to help....

Bunny said...

hmm..interesting discussion here..

I'm not a K-pop fan (even though i love some DBSK's songs). truthfully, i'm a J-Pop fan.

to be honest, i found this entry through google. guess what i googled? "poprainbow idiot".

i was led to PR's forum by a friend who works as one of their staffs. and currently, there's a poll there at the forum asking us to vote which artist from Johnny's Entertainment that we would like to PR to bring into Malaysia, as PR claimed:
"vote for ur idol from Jr Entertainment as I already propose to them to make the J-pop concert in August/September ...state up is the list of artist that hv permission from Jr to make the concert in Malaysia and make ur dream come true..!"
(it's actually JE which stands for Johnny's Entertainment, instead of Jr Entertainment)

so fans voted for their favourite group. then things get ugly. it'll be too long to put down everything here.

to make things short, there's a lot of cursing by the admins of PR forum. they cursed and bashed the fans. the trigger? fans said how much they want their idol to come here and admins 'shouted' at fans saying we're not doing anything on our side to make that dream come true.

i got confused for a while. at 1st they told us to vote without mentioning that we have to help them looking for sponsors etc, but then suddenly they blamed us for just voting without doing anything else to help them bringing in the artist.

and now, they're cursing the fans with all sorts of colorful uncensored words. even to those who tried to calm things down by saying things politely.

for me, everything just points to one thing: PR is unprofessional.

i left the 'drama' in that forum.

but i'm still worried as some fans still 'look up' at PR and hope that PR will bring in their favorite artist.

i just don't want the fans to be disappointed in the future.

Liz said...

Dear Bunny,

Thanks for sharing that with us. So Poprainbow is trying to bring in a J-pop entertainer?

You know, all this talk and bashing (either from fans or Poprainbow themselves) will not do anything.

People want RESULTS. If Poprainbow manages to bring in the J-pop act and hold a successful concert, that would just shut people up :-).

I guess the old saying comes in: Action speaks (much much more) louder than words.


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