Friday, 21 November 2008

Converse opens 2nd store in Myeongdong, Seoul

Hey the K-popped! Trio loves Converse! After our recent trip to Seoul, we have become fans of the shoe brand.

After walking so much, we needed really comfortable shoes. We noticed that many locals had on Converse and they looked really comfy. As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do right? So we bought them.

Converse all the way: (l-r) It's Chuck Taylor All Star for Rooster and Liz
while Orchid goes for the 1HUND(RED) Artist #55 Carson Ellis design

When we left Seoul, we had four pairs of Converse shoes between the three of us ;-).

They are excellent walking shoes!

And so I am extremely happy to report that a second Converse store (Converse Original Global Store) opened in Myeongdong, Seoul this evening.

Celebrities namely Choi Kang-hee, Marco, 2PM's Hwang Chan-sung and Nick Khun along with Park Ye-jin were there to celebrate the event. The stars wore their Converse shoes (of course) to the ceremony.

2PM's Hwang Chang-sung (left)
and Nick Khun

Park Ye-jin

Choi Kang-hee


In fact, when we were in Seoul, we bought two pairs of Converse shoes at the existing Myeongdong store (a few doors down Krispy Kreme!).

We had a very memorable visit to that memorable that Orchid wanted to visit it again, and again....Hee hee, but that's Orchid's story to tell so I won't say anymore.

Converse rocks! Do you own a pair of Converse?

Source: Newsen


erv said...

i wonder whether you know that ur korean song seng nim is pregnant?

erv said...

sorry liz.
wrong info. u went for the one in damansara utama right?
haha. wrong teacher.

emily.saranghae.suju said...

Omg Converse is the best.
I only buy Converse shoes.
But its kinda expensive as I'm not rich, lol.
Um I think I'm gonna visit Korea's Converse shop soon.
I can't wait! ;)
And I already own 2 pairs ^^
Omg Converse rocks mann, totally rocks. :)

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Girls, enquiring minds want to know:
Does this mean you got your soul in Seoul??

peepoo said...

i've owned so many different pairs in my lifetime growing up and in all the colors of the rainbow! but i actually don't think they're the most comfortable shoes though...they're definitely not shoes i can walk in all day but i still love them. i love men in cute!

Liz said...

Hi erv, nope I went to the one at Subang Jaya. There are two lady teachers there, which one are you referring to?

Amelia said...

I adore my converse sneakers but I can't walk around in them all day; the soles are just too flat. I have gone one a couple of trips with my converse sneakers and my feet are usually burning by the end of the day. I feel better in heels!

erv said...

really? u went for the one in subang jaya? cool.
Park Moon Young, i don't think she's the one teaching you though.
by the way, how much did u guys spend for the whole trip? i'm really curious. wanna start planning for it (:

varms said...

I think it looks good as streetwear but guys should stay away from the pink coloured ones... *giggle*

jehan said...

i had my share of pairs in college but not now. they are comfortable when walking around but the more you live here, you will understand why almost everyone wears it.. it's more on their love for American pop-culture... it makes them look americanized...

Gaercoal said...

Yup, been wearing them since elementary. They last long and very cheap. My first pairs were orange for my school color. I find high tops to be more sturdy, but Converse overall are bad for your feet. There aren't any arch support so next time when buying a pair buy it a half size larger to insert those arch support pads.


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