Saturday, 22 November 2008

My Precious Child actors on a day of filming

Lee Tae-ran & Kim Sung-su buying blankets at a textile shop

I just caught the KBS week-end drama My Precious Child (My Precious One) on KBS World today. It was the episode where Oh Ji-ho and SHINee made a cameo appearance.

Ironically, KBS released photos of the lead actors Kim Sung -su and his love interest on the drama Lee Tae-ran, filming the drama, around town.

In the drama, Lee Tae-ran plays a producer at a radio station, while Kim Sung-su plays a single father, struggling to make ends meet, and making a comeback as a DJ. There are many other sub-plots going on in the drama too.

Is anyone following this drama religiously? Catch it on KBS World, 6:50 - 8pm weekends.

Kim Sung-su and Lee Tae-ran checking out street food

Here, have some tteokbokki

Couple drink...

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Oh Ji-ho and SHINee to cameo in My Precious Child


Anonymous said...

Lee Tae-ran reminds me of Oprah's Lisa Ling..

i did not really watch this show tho. just bits here n there while channel surfing..


varms said...

I'll try to catch it tonight! My mum thinks he's good-looking but can't bring herself to watch these things religiously coz ahe's a workaholic...

|| Lyññ || said...

Yup! I've been following it from episode 1!! I love this show... hahah... mayb cuz I like Lee Tae-ran...
SHINee and Oh Ji-ho made a cameo on Episodes 9 and 10...


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