Saturday, 1 November 2008

Enjel Chae Eun-jeong opens online store

Enjel a.k.a Chae Eun-jeong (pic above) is a singer (formerly of CLEO), who remade a certain track called 3!4! (by Lula?) earlier this year.

She didn't make much of an impact with her song but no worries, the girl is an entrepreneur at heart.

Clubber By Chae Eun-jeong is a stylish collection for the hip and young crowd.

Chae's interest led her to study fashion design. She then opened her own online store.

The ambitious Chae already has aspirations to show her pieces in the fashion capitals of Paris, Milan, New York, London and Tokyo.

All the best, gal! Here's a look at her collection.

Clubber: Eun-jeong takes her turn at the DJ's console

Night out: Dance the night away in
this sexy ensemble!

Bling: The reflection gets into my eyes.

Skimpy: Is this your kind of clubbing

Do you like Chae Eun-jeong's style? Go to her online store at

Source: Hankooki

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Anonymous said...

I predict, she will be very successful. Did you know CLEO means "Come Listen Every One"? I would like to see many many more ads from her!

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Mako said...

Her clothes look pretty cool x3... besides, I think those are really cheap, I would love to buy some~

Oh, BTW, the song 3!4! is made by Roo'Ra, an oldschool kpop group ^^


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